I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

We’re so excited about the new Lady Grey, we can’t even stand it! We’ve worked so hard with our designer–and let’s face it my BFF–Megan from MaeMae Paperie and our jedi web ninja development team at Binary M to make this happen! There are all kinds of new and exciting things to check out on our site (and even more surprises headed your way this spring!). We decided we’d take a moment to get you acquainted with all of our new elements and search features. Our goal was to make the process of digging through our archives as easy and as enjoyable as possible! So let’s get started!


First up, one of our favorite new features is our sliders. If you click on the image or title, it will take you to a post from our archives. Every page your on while exploring the blog has a new set of sliders associated with that category. So if you are exploring our blue real weddings, that slider will feature some of our favorite blue weddings. The goal is to help you find our best content from our archives! Make sure you scroll through all of the five sliders to help you discover new posts you might not have known about!


To find more posts on a topical basis, check out THE ARCHIVE button in our navigation. This will help you explore our site by categories! There are lots of fun categories in there, so be sure to check them all out.


We know that one of your favorite topics is real weddings! You can access our weddings and inspiration section through the archive, or you can explore by season or color, by clicking this button in our sidebar:


Once you land in this section, you can explore by your wedding season or color. Once you narrow down your search to say, spring weddings, guess what? Our slider will show you our favorite spring weddings. Great right?


Another great feature we’ve added is our CLICK TO EXPAND FOR MORE. All of our posts are pre-loaded, so this button immediately pops up the rest of the post without any loading time. We love that you can now navigate our site a little more quickly when you’re on the hunt for something specific! The goal was to save you time and clicks (because we hate those pesky extra clicks!).


We looooove comments! And tweets. And Pins. And Likes. So we put the option to share with your friends at the intro to our posts (near the title) and below!


One of our goals with Grey Likes Weddings is to help make the wedding planning process seamless! We hope to bring you excellent, high quality resources to make the research that much easier. For that reason, we’ve hand selected a crazy incredible group of wedding professionals (and SHOPS!) that will help make your wedding as fabulous as possible. Our Collective members are a crazy talented group and we work tirelessly on recruiting the best of the best, so be sure to check out The Grey Collective and The Shop.


We also tried to make it REALLY fun to leave a comment. I mean, you get to pick the rock you’re rockin’! We hope you’ll stop by and chime in with us!


Of course, we couldn’t live without Pinterest! You can always view Lady Grey’s latest pins in our sidebar and easily click to follow us! You can also pin any image on our blog if you just hover over it and click the pin it crest.


Speaking of following, if you want to keep up with us on your favorite social media platform, look no further than our sidebar! Be absolutely sure that you sign up for our Society Newsletter. Not only do we send out fun inspiration, but we also offer exclusive deals and offerings from our Collective members. It’s kind of like groupon for weddings. Only prettier. And better. And less annoying. We promise!


Also, all three images in our header are clickable. Our wreath will always bring you back to the home page. Rockin’ a New Rock will take you to a collection of some fun desktop downloads to celebrate your engagement. I mean, we’re freaking excited you’re planning a wedding.


Last and certainly not least is our Ladies’ Society. We’re keeping that surprise under wraps until this spring, but if you decide to request an invitation, you’ll get in on the secret early!


So tell us what you think of the new digs! We think Lady Grey is looking pretty dang fabulous and there’s even more in the works! Are you ready for it?