I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Just in time for Thanksgiving on Thursday, we’ve got a great DIY project that’s as cute as it is simple! My fabulous interns, Lauren Gilmore and Heather Kasparian created the idea and produced this shoot and I’m so excited to share their first project with you!

What you need:

– A variety of small pumpkins
– Pillar and/or dinner candles
– Ribbon and lace to your liking
– A knife
– Hot glue gun

1) Pair up your candles and pumpkins. Cut a hole directly around the stem in relation to the thickness of your candle.
2) Place small dots of glue around the middle of the pumpkin and apply your ribbon or lace. Get creative! You can keep it simple with a single piece hugging your pumpkin, or layer on different textures. Or both!
3) Cut your candle down to the height you want it to be, but make sure its long enough so that it sits touching the bottom of your pumpkin, and place inside the cutout. Don’t be afraid of cutting each candle to a different height.
4) Light your candle and enjoy!