I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

I seriously have the best interns. Ever. Heather and Lauren have put together another darling DIY that I’m so excited to share. This simple project involves little more than glue, feathers and some paper. The result, however, is both rustic and charming! What a great way to whip something together for some holiday cocktail centerpieces or winter decor…be it for your wedding or your home! Little details like the unfinished wood plaque and shiny gold ornaments add a little sparkle and a little nature–which ties it all together!

Pretty sure my weekend will involve crafting! Hope you enjoy!

Holiday Feather Trees

What you need:

White poster board
Craft Glue


1) Cut your poster board so it is shaped like a square.
2) Cut diagonally from corner to corner, gradually curving downward as you meet the other end. The end result should look like a triangle with a curved bottom.
3) Roll the triangle to create a cone shape and staple the bottom so it can securely stand on its own. You can adjust the poster board to create different sizes.
4) Starting at the base, begin to glue on the feathers row by row. Continue until you have reached the peak of your cone. Vuala! You have a Feather Christmas Tree! Enjoy!