I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Inspired by our dear friends over at Moment Junkie, we’ve decided that one of our favorite new features we’re adding to the new Grey Likes is a series we’ve titled, “Caught in the Moment”. We’ll be posting pictures that are full of emotion that remind us just how much we love LOVE. I mean, that’s what it’s all about anyway, isn’t it?

Today, I bring you our very first “Caught in the Moment.” This image was taken of Richelle Hunter and her new fiance, Eric, by Richelle’s sister, Jerrica. Their proposal story had me BALLING so I’m going to share the punch line, but if you want the full story (which if you are a romantic sap like me, I think you do) then you can head to Richelle’s blog here.

Here’s where the story starts…Eric set up a very sentimental scavenger hunt for Richelle. At the end of it, they wound up under a tree…and, well, I’ll let Richelle tell the rest of the story from here…


“As Eric stood behind me, I took the ticket off the tree – suddenly it went from being pitch black to standing under a tree full of hundreds of little white lights. My heart stopped. Because my heart FINALLY told me what was happening. I spun around to find handsome Eric standing in front of me, holding a ring box. And grinning ear to ear. Hands-to-face-oh-my-gosh-oh-my-gosh-oh-my-gosh-oh-my-gosh-oh-my-gosh-crying-oh-my-gosh-crying-more-crying-me-trying-to-run-away-crying.

Eric got down on one knee, said the words you didn’t even know you’ve always wanted to hear about how “he” felt about me, and asked, “Richelle, Will you marry me?”…


I dove into his arms. He held me up. Once he confirmed I said yes (LOL) we hugged and cried and screamed…and as I’m standing in his arms….the most gorgeous fireworks went off. FIRE. WORKS. Another thing you need to understand…is that I LOVE FIREWORKS. I don’t really speak when we go to see them because I’m so mesmerized…if we see some going off somewhere else in the city, I NEED TO BE THERE. So the fact that he went to the effort of pulling together exactly what I was feeling in my heart and painting it on the night sky…was pretty much the the first moment that confirmed the best decision of my life…two minutes earlier.

I love him.

After the stars in our eyes cleared for a second, Eric said there was someone who wants to see me – Jerrica (my little sister/best friend/robin to my batman) comes BOUNDING out of the darkness and squeezes us tight. We popped champagne with E’s parents where he told me he had got my mom to round everyone up in my family…and they were all waiting for us at my big sister’s house. Only my parents knew, so we were still able to have our moment of hearing Eric scream I PROPOSED TO RICHELLE!!!! WE’RE ENGAGED!!!!

I love him so much.

(OH–P.S. When Richelle says fireworks went off, she doesn’t mean the kind of feelings fireworks that explode in your heart. She’s talking about REAL fireworks. Seriously. There are pics!) To see tons more incredible moments, stop on by Moment Junkie!

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