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Hurricane Willa was the surprise character in this gorgeous fall wedding planned by Glass Planning, but not even extreme weather could spoil this stunning soiree. The bride and groom knew there were weather-related risks to planning a New-England wedding in the fall, but a tropical storm raged trough the day moving the entire event inside.  Luckily, the historic Glen Manor House, is a vision of beauty inside-and-out, and the couple celebrated with their closest friends and family in the cozy, intimate candle-lit setting while thunder and lightning lit up the sky outdoors. Floral, tabletop design and chuppah by Greenlion Design with invitations by Underwood Letterpress and it’s all captured beautifully in these photographs by the amazing Emily Delamater.

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What made the wedding special and unique?

I should probably say Hurricane Willa! Planning an outdoor wedding in late October in New England necessarily involves certain weather-related risks, but we didn’t expect the weather to be quite so bad. A tropical storm-turned hurricane hurtled up the coast in the days before our wedding, which left us with a 100% chance of rain on our wedding day. And rain it did — in addition to having to move our outdoor ceremony inside, we also had to rearrange where at least 50 guests sat for dinner due to an unexpected leak in a roof at the venue. Despite the chaos, all of our guests told us that the hurricane made the wedding incredibly intimate and unique. And I have to agree — exchanging vows and dancing the night away while a hurricane raged on outside was super fun. It was amazing to hear the thunder and see the lightning while we were cozy inside our own candlelit wonderland.

Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

My gown was designed by an emerging Israeli designer, Lihi Hod, and I found it at a boutique in San Francisco during the designer’s trunk show. Although I had originally gone to try on another one of her dresses, I knew the minute I tried this one on that it would be special. I also had the incredible fortune of trying the dress on in front of Lihi herself, who was there for the trunk show. She loved the dress on me almost more than I loved it on myself! Watching her reaction to the dress on me was so fun, and gave me the conviction I needed to choose it.

What were some touches added to make the wedding personal?

Since we are both very much into music, we had a lot of fun deciding what music we would walk down the aisle to, and what music we would leave the ceremony to. Rather than choosing a traditional wedding march, we walked down the aisle to songs by Odesza and Rhye, and we left the ceremony to a song by Duke Dumont. I had several guests tell me that they loved how the non-traditional music added a unique and personal touch to the ceremony.

What was the most memorable part of the day?

Since we got married on my birthday, we decided to host an entirely separate birthday-themed afterparty at the hotel we had rented out for the weekend in downtown Newport. The staff of the hotel was wonderful, and so accommodating. They didn’t even blink when I told them I wanted to hire a DJ to play 90s hiphop music from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., and have a vendor bring in 1200 balloons to create a balloon ceiling. The DJ and the balloons turned out even better than I imagined, and the afterparty was easily my favorite part of the day. After a day of weather-related chaos, it was the first moment we were finally able to relax and celebrate being married.

Tell us how you met and became engaged.

We had actually known one another for close to 10 years before we started dating. M went to high school with a friend of mine, so we had gotten to know each other casually over the years. About three years ago, we reconnected at our mutual friend’s wedding and began dating immediately. Although we had known each other for close to a decade, we were surprised to learn that we lived just a few blocks away from one another in San Francisco, and that we shared many of the same hobbies (music; backcountry skiing). We were pretty much inseparable from the start, and got engaged after about two years of dating.

Photographer: Emily Delamater // Planner: Elizabeth Lutz, Glass Planning // Floral / Tabletop Design / Chuppah: Greenlion Design // Invitations: Underwood Letterpress // Venue: Glen Manor House // Video: Stop Go Love // Bride’s Dress: Lihi Hod // Bride’s Shoes: Alexandre Birman // Makeup: Jennie Kay // Decor (outdoor porch draping): Ormonde Productions // Bridesmaids’ dresses: BHLDN // Groom’s tuxedo: Ralph Lauren // Groom’s shoes: Brooks Brothers // Catering: Blackstone Catering // Band and Uplighting: Wilson Stevens Eye 2 Eye // Dress / Tuxedo steaming: Bridal Finery


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Romantic, simplistic details in a palette of grays and neutrals created a beautiful and authentic style to Rachel and Evan’s Birmingham wedding day. Threefold Events designed the beautiful edited and quietly beautiful day including gathered florals by Mandy Busby Creative and elevated warehouse vibes at the reception at the The Theodore. Faith and joy were the couple’s focus and Meghan Murphy Photography captured both beautifully in these fine art images.

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What made the wedding special and unique? 

We had an absurdly large number of people involved in our wedding. 13 bridesmaids, 17 groomsmen, 6 influential men and women, plus several folks who read scripture and took part in the ceremony in some way. Beyond even these people, we had so many friends who helped us decorate the reception, or bring us food, etc. We also had the privilege of being friends with several of our wedding vendors, so it was more like hanging out than working together. In general; our community just showed up so much for our wedding day, and the unique feeling of looking around and being aware of how many people were tangibly choosing to love us is something we won’t ever forget.

Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

My sweet dress was much more of an ordeal than I anticipated. There was something to love about each one I tried on! What’s not to love about beautifully designed floor length white gowns?? After visiting every dress shop in town and trying on hundreds of dresses, enough was enough. My best friend and I sat down one night and decided that by the time our bottle of wine was gone, we would have chosen THE dress. She asked me brilliant questions that (somewhat manipulatively) helped me figure out what I really wanted. I’ve been in love ever sense. My girl was everything I could have wanted and MORE.

What were some touches added to make the wedding personal? 

On our 3rd date, we went to Church Street Coffee and ate “breakup cookies” aka the best chocolate chip cookie you’ve ever had. Evan says he decided to marry me on that date. Now it’s one of our favorite desserts. So at our wedding, it only made sense to have breakup cookies instead of cake.

What was the most memorable part of the day? 

Right after our ceremony, we ran out into a small room just us. The sacredness and the weight of the covenant we had made with God and each other hit us hard. It felt holy in some way. We sat and relished in the fact that we were married. Receiving the gift that our marriage already was and would be.

Tell us how you met and became engaged.

We met at church, and started dating after some significant prompting from our mutual friends. Evan’s proposal was the most thoughtful, intentional, loving, and humbling day.

There was a letter on the door (which I totally passed up at first) and an aisle of Ebenezers waiting for me inside. The concept of Ebenezers is one that Evan and I have talked of often – physical representations of all the ways the Lord has helped us. We don’t ever want to forget who God is and what He’s done in our lives.

Each pew held a photo with a note from Evan describing the milestone or memory it represented. As I reflect on each Ebenezer, there is no denying the Lord’s goodness. Evan then guided us through communion and prayer- ensuring that we remembered the most important thing the Lord has ever done for us, extending salvation through His Son.

It is only because of THAT gift that Evan could then ask me to MARRY him. To which I responded YES emphatically and about 20 times. There was no playing it cool.

I’ve never felt more loved or pursued than I did on this day. The Lord has provided a man that truly reflects His character, gospel, love and pursuit toward me.

Photographer: Meghan Murphy Photography // Month of Wedding Planner: Threefold Events // Florals: Mandy Busby Creative // Venues: Redeemer Community Church // Reception Venue: The Theodore // Hair and Makeup: Emmy Hunt // Wedding Dress Designer: Kelly Faetanini // Wedding Dress: Carriage House // Ring Box: Mrs. Box // Wedding Dessert: Breakup Cookies


Emily and Emerson’s Charleston nuptials at Lowndes Grove incorporated many of the typical southern wedding design details including a plantation courtyard ceremony, florals by and topiaries by Out of the Garden, letterpress and (rainbow) wax seal  invitations by Alaina Polander and romantic white gowns and veils. However, the LGBT couple felt confident in their freedom to “throw tradition to the wind” in much of their personalized details. The “curated vibe—to relax and celebrate” of the day planned by our friends Ooh! Events included the couple getting ready together with all of their bridesmen and bridesmaids, a rendition of the Pulse Orlando Lin Manuel Miranda speech during the ceremony (not a dry eye in the house) and ditching all typical reception activities and instead dancing from start-to-finish. Emily and Emerson had a joint goal of staying “calm and present” during the day and they did it with joy, style and huge smiles as seen in these images captured by Brooke Boyd Photo + Film.

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What made the wedding special and unique?

From Emily: Being an LGBT couple we felt like we had a lot of freedom to throw tradition to the wind. While most of our wedding was as much of a cliché southern wedding as you can get, there were a lot of really personal details. We started  the day by doing yoga together and meditating guided by a friend. After yoga and meditating, we were able to spend the morning getting ready together with our closest friends. Getting ready together relieved all pressure; so many people love the suspense of seeing your wife walk down the aisle, but we wanted everything to be as calm and fun as possible. I think that made our wedding so unique. The entire day had a curated vibe – which was to relax and celebrate. We didn’t want anything to feel stuffy or posed and tried really hard to stay calm and be present. I would also argue the most unique part about our wedding was the amount of dancing – we skipped the activities once the reception started and instead never left the dance floor. We had two people do the worm, one person break dance, my sister did a split, and someone slid through another’s legs. WILD.

Tell us about the gowns and where/how you found them!

Emerson and I started off by going to New York with our best friends. We looked separately all day and neither of us found the dress, but we both agreed it was too hard not to share with the other. A month later, I went to Wedding Belles in New Orleans with my mom and sister and tried on the Jenny Yoo Riley I had seen in New York. Just like that, I was done! I loved so many dresses, but this one just fit the day best. Emerson on the other hand tried on dresses about four more times, when she finally tried on a Sarah Seven dress at Lovely Bride in DC and knew it was the one. It was perfectly simple with just enough modern edge to feel like her.

What were some touches added to make the wedding personal?

  1. Emerson picked out every single song that was played that day. To her, music creates the atmosphere, so she went through and chose from the prelude to the exit (and yes the afterparty). My favorite pick from her was the DJ set kicking off with “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it” by Katy Perry.
  2. We also picked every word spoken in the ceremony with our priest. Without question the best part of the wedding (and I highly recommend everyone use this in the future) was when my friend read Lin Manuel Miranda’s speech following the Pulse Orlando shooting. It’s safe to say there wasn’t a dry eye when she got to the “and love, is love, is love, is love, is love” part.
  3. We didn’t do a traditional wedding party; Emerson has two brothers and I have two sisters so they are the only people who stood. We did ask our best girls/guys to dress within the color palette and get ready with us. We were worried it was going to be cold, so each girl laid a fur stole at their chair and exited in it.
  4. Emerson’s brother and “Man of Honor” gave the best speech I ever heard. It began with “I’ve been knowing Emerson since the early 90s” and the highlight was “I never dreamed I’d be a bridesman one day, but I can’t tell you how happy I am to be one today.”


What was the most memorable part of the day?

There was one moment before the ceremony started when my veil kept pulling my hair and I started getting really nervous. Emerson could sense I was nervous and pulled me into a room and said “forget it, don’t wear the veil” and gave me a big kiss. At that moment, all fears were pushed away because I knew I had picked the perfect person to spend the rest of my life with.

Tell us how you met and became engaged.

Emerson and I met the summer of 2014, when I had just graduated college and was about to move to DC. After our first date, we didn’t spend a single day apart that summer. So much so that Emerson volunteered to make the 17 hour drive with me to DC. Even though we had no intention of being in a long distance relationship, we were inseparable. Mine and Emerson’s lives fit perfectly together. We had the same values, same drive, and liked to leave parties at the same time. She is the perfect complement to all of my weaknesses and makes me a better person on a daily basis. Through the last five years together, we’ve moved seven times, had two college graduations, and embarked on brand new jobs in brand new cities. We’ve been through ups and downs, weddings, funerals, a home renovation and so much more, but through it all, Emerson made me grateful for every day. Knowing this I finally decided it was time to seal the deal so I snuck around with Susie Satzman and designed her dream ring. Over her birthday, we spent a week at home in New Orleans at my parents’ camp. One morning while we were watching the sunrise over coffee and blueberry cake donuts, I decided that was the moment. I began acting super weird and insisted she put on cute pajamas (because I wanted a good picture) and she replied “What? No. Weirdo” it was 5:30 am. Our dog had hurt his paw and she kept trying to pay attention to him and I was trying to get her to pay attention to me! Finally I started my speech and she asks “are you proposing?” and I was like “oh my gosh no” as I pulled out the ring! At this point, Emerson is thoroughly confused, laughing, and crying. Regardless, SHE SAID YES and we celebrated that night at the place her parents got engaged.

Coordination/Rentals: Ooh! Events // Photographer + Videographer: Brooke Boyd Photo + Film // Floral: Out of the Garden // Invite Suite: Alaina Polander // Venue/Catering/Bar/Cake: Lowndes Grove // Emily’s dress: Jenny Yoo, from Wedding Belles Nola // Emerson’s dress: Sarah Seven Belmont dress, from Lovely Bride // Hair: Slate Bridal Hair + Make Up // Make Up: Marisa Warren, Sarah Early, Slate Bridal Hair + Make Up // Yoga Instructor: Isabel Groedel // Ceremony Music: Bespoke Strings // Band: Tyler Kitchen + The Right Pieces // Guests Transportation: ACW Limo // Getaway Transportation: Lowcountry Valet





Alex and Zach’s Florida Gulf Coast wedding at Watercolor was a ‘perfectly Southern’ affair. The venue’s coastal community local set the tone and the couple embraced the scenic backdrop with an outdoor ceremony and tented reception. Details and a color palette of dusty blue, slate and white complimented the natural foliage of the surrounding and subtle tropical accents in the and florals by Myrtie Blue and stationery by Prim + Pretty Prints tied it all together. Our friends, The Happy Bloom, were on hand to capture all the beauty in these gorgeous photographs.

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How was your wedding perfectly “Southern”?

I think it starts with the location. Watercolor is a coastal community on Hwy 30A in Florida. Many of our guests stayed in beach houses and were able to ride bikes or golf carts to local seafood joints, to the beach, and to many of our events. That was so fun for us because all of our friends and family were centralized in one area and you never knew who you would see out on a morning run or getting a muffin from Modica Market.

Our rehearsal dinner was at the Perfect Pig, which is a BBQ restaurant on 30A that my family has enjoyed going to for many years now. We had a grouper and a pork & gouda grits dish for all of the rehearsal dinner guests to choose for their entree. After the rehearsal, we went to the beach for a bonfire “post-toast” that all of our wedding guests were invited to. We were apprehensive at first about the bonfire plan but were very pleased with how fun it turned out to be. We roasted s’mores and had drinks on the beach with all of our friends and family under the stars with some acoustic guitar and singing. On the day of, the weather was gorgeous as both wedding parties got ready in their beach houses before pictures. The boys were in white dinner jackets while the girls wore a blue slate dresses. White dinner jackets was one of the first decisions we settled on after getting engaged because I loved how they looked in pictures I had seen. Our arrangements featured lots of palmettos, garden roses, and ranunculus. Myrtie Blue did a great job with emphasizing that coastal feel we were going for. After the ceremony, we had delicious food from Fish Out of Water and danced the night away to Musical Fantasy, a great band from Mobile, AL.

What was your vision for your wedding day? What made you choose certain colors or decor?

Our ceremony and reception were both outdoors, so we chose decor and colors that complimented the natural foliage of Watercolor. Our flowers were all white with small tropical greenery accents and the bridesmaids’ dresses were a slate blue both of which played well with the background.


What is the moment you remember most about your wedding day?

I know the first look is special for so many people, and I would agree that it was the same for me. Finally seeing Zach on our wedding day after building up with all the events of the week was the best part!


What’s next for you and your husband?

We have moved into our house in Memphis, TN. We have been settling in, decorating, and focusing our weekend time on getting our backyard ready to be enjoyed on many a summer night. And we are hoping to get our first crop of tomatoes in a few weeks!

Photography: The Happy Bloom // Planning: Lisa Childers // Florist: Myrtie Blue // Invitations: Prim + Pretty Prints // Venue: Watercolor // Hair + Makeup: Halo Salon // Bride’s Dress: Anne Barge // Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids // Shoes: Sam Edelman // Videographer: 22 Magnolias // Ceremony Music: WMP Quartet // Cake: Confections on the Coast // Suits: Jos A Bank // Bridal Shop: Maggie Louise Bridal // Reception Music: Musical Fantasy // Catering: Fish Out of Water // Ring Box: The Mrs. Box


Raina and Scott’s San Jose Del Cabo celebration is what modern destination wedding dreams are made of. Tropical foliage galore, a clean contemporary aesthetic and serious beach party vibes. The couple enlisted the super-skills of Lauren Lemke for Amy Abbott Events and the rest is history. Lauren suggested their stunning venue, Solaz, and complimented it with “a very clean aesthetic that went with the hotel’s beautiful, modern architecture and beach front setting.” Pina Hernandez utilized neutral tropical blooms and plenty of palms and fronds in the florals while black, white and gold accents in the paper and details by Bells & Whistles added graphic impact. Our friends Ana & Jerome were on hand to capture all the beauty and fabulousness in these gorgeous images.

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How did you meet, and how long did you date before getting engaged?

We met through mutual friends at a 21st birthday party while we were at college at the University of Maryland. We dated for 6 years before getting engaged.

Who proposed? When and how?

Scott proposed when we were in Paris having a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower. It was the last stop on our trip through Europe and he had hidden the ring and surprise from me (and our friends and families) the entire time.

How did you choose your wedding venue?

It was recommended to us by our wedding planner Lauren Lemke.

How did you choose your table decor?

We wanted a very clean aesthetic that went with the hotel’s beautiful, modern architecture and beach front setting.



Please describe 4 favorite moments:

1- The first time we saw each other before the wedding (first look). It was so special to be able to have a little bit of time to ourselves during all of the excitement. There was so much build up to the day, so being able to share a moment in the midst of it all was unforgettable.

2- When Scott’s dad and cousin got on the stage and played with the band. Everyone was so surprised and it meant so much to us that they had planned such a thoughtful and fun addition to the day.

3- Being able to blend our two cultures together and have a combined wedding ceremony performed by one of our closest friends, as well as elements from traditional Hindu weddings that were coordinated with Raina’s Aunt and Uncle.

4- Listening to all of the stories and memories that were shared with us throughout the weekend during the speeches, toasts and just in conversation. Having all of our closest friends and family in the same place for the whole weekend brought back so many memories and allowed us to make even more.

Photographer: Ana & Jerome // Planner: Lauren Lemke for Amy Abbott Events // Flowers: Pina Hernandez // Invitations: Minted // Paper goods/printed items: Bells & Whistles // Hair & Makeup: Blanc Salon // Dress: Alessandra Rinaudo // Groom’s Attire: State and Liberty // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell // Bridesmaids Dresses: ASOS, Chrissy Teigen for Revolve, Lulus // Rentals: Del Cabo Events  and Let it Be // Band: Pura Vida