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Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed Superbowl Sunday (which I’m thoroughly convinced is an official holiday!). I’m excited about the features we’ve got in store for you this week. We’re starting off today with a bright and cheery wedding that’s got some glorious DIY details I know you’re going to love! There are ribbons galore in Odessa and Kim’s wedding, along with tons of personal touches that you can read about through our post. Lots of wonderful vendors were involved in the beauty of this wedding (which took place at The Roth Estate in Nevada City, California) including event planner Joy of Life Events and floral designer Setchel and Associates. Special thanks to Jennifer Eileen Photography who sent over all of her lovely images! I ALWAYS love what she shoots!

About Odessa and Kim’s wedding:

Kim and Odessa met and fell in love at their 10 year High School reunion. It wasn’t long before they started to live life together, decided to get married, and began to plan their wedding making sure that almost everything was handmade and environmentally friendly. Everything was seamless, it flowed, and in the air was a sense of love. For Odessa’s bouquet she planned ahead and selected different ribbon (from elegant creamy colors to different vintage lace), sewed the ribbons together, sent them to Flanders, her florist, who then attached them to her bouquet. It was a beautiful detail. By the way, did you see that hankie? That was Odessa’s grandmother’s hankie. Odessa’s ‘Something old.’ Odessa’s dress was stunning. She got it from Priscilla of Boston. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s creamy elegance suited Odessa to the T. When Odessa put it on, I’m not joking, she took on a princess persona. Her hands would move like Giselle’s in the movie Enchanted. Really, truly, it was magical.

Odessa and her mom spent countless hours sewing over 800 fabric flowers for the centerpieces and pins that sat on the napkins for the guests to pin on, take home, and remember the day spent celebrating the Shekar’s. Not only did Odessa sew each flower but her personal touches were seen throughout the wedding from the ribbon backdrop to ribbon that were framed and held the escort cards on the barn. Plus she sewed darling handbags for her bridesmaids! Five years ago Kim’s mother passed away from cancer. At the wedding bracelets that his mom owned were worn by family and close friends so that her spirit could be there celebrating her son’s union. Odessa’s ring was Kim’s moms wedding ring. Chandeliers holding single roses in each small vase lined the aisle and a ribbon backdrop created by the bride and groom completed the simple, elegant design for the ceremony. The ring bearers didn’t actually bear the rings, instead they pushed a wagon holding a handmade chest down the aisle. The chest was introduced and explained during the ceremony by different family members. Odessa’s brother designed and built the chest which contains unopened letters from family as well as letters the couple wrote to each other. It also houses other mementos from their lives and on their 25th wedding anniversary Kim and Odessa will open the chest, read the letters, and relive the memories of why they fell in love. If rocky times fall in their path before their 25th anniversary is reached, they will open the chest and be taken back to the happiest time of their life; to be reminded why they fell in love, why they chose one another, in hopes of finding their roots once again.

Kim and Odessa stayed at Our Sweet Retreat in Nevada City. The morning of the wedding family and close friends came out and enjoyed some Yoga on the lawn. The groomsmen stuck around and made an amazing breakfast then got ready for the big day. The wedding party then met up in the early afternoon and so began the picture taking and the main event! Before and after the ceremony the guests enjoyed cocktails in the Rose Garden. Hanging from the trees and shrubs were pictures from Kim and Odessa’s lives before and after meeting one another. It was here, in the Rose Garden that the couple were introduced and enjoyed their first dance before moving the party to the reception.

The Roth Estate was amazing! Kim and Odessa used three separate areas for their wedding day. The main lawn was where they had the ceremony, the cocktail parties were in The Rose Garden, and finally the reception was in The Party Pad. Antonio Ayestaran Custom Catering served roasted vegetables, halibut, steak, and risotto! The salad, oh the salad, it was dressed with bananas and strawberries. Decorated by buttons both vintage and new, topped with one of those sweet little toys that when you press the button the limbs collapse, when released they pop back up, the cake was super cute (and tasty)! By the way, it was marzipan instead of fondant. I LOVE marzipan! The cake was lovingly baked, decorated, and designed by The Cake Artist. The band at the reception ROCKED the house! I mean we were dancing to Journey, Lady Gaga, and everything else in between. They were so ridiculously cool and fun. Joy of Life Events coordinated this whole shebang. Donna was amazing, simply lovely to be around. She was on top of everything and was always there, unobtrusive, doing her job.

Resources: Photographer: Jennifer Eileen Photography, Event Planner: Joy of Life Events, Floral Designer: Setchel and Associates, Reception Venue: The Roth Estate, Dress Designer: Priscilla of Boston, Cake Designer: The Cake Artist, Band: The Hits Band of Sacramento