I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Okay…maybe not a million, but lots! I LOVE great color combos! I love a brave bride and someone who is willing to mix and match unexpected colors! Amanda and Nick’s purple and lime green wedding is a great example of a punchy color combo that is really bold, yet no less elegant and gorgeous!

This fab wedding was shot by Hannah Suh Photography and, of course, takes place at Beaulieu Garden in Napa, which is pretty much the most lovely venue imaginable. Be sure to take note of Amanda’s thoughts on the wedding, along with the great vendors listed below!

Nick and I got engaged when we lived in Paris, France and soon after, moved back to the States. I particularly loved every detail of Paris and Nick loved the French countryside – from fantastic food and wine, to the bustling streets with such glamour and lights, to the historical and enchanting Chateaux. “Cheesy”… but so true. Had we been able to transport all of our family and friends back to France I would have, but it just wasn’t going to happen. We were both dead set on having a destination wedding, and after debating the various locations across the globe that we could otherwise host it, we landed on the next best thing… California wine country. It was my sister who actually happened across some of your photos online and noticed the beautiful site with a lovely French manicured style that was Beaulieu Garden. My sister, having recently gotten married herself, and my best friend were then off to the races planning every little detail – they used to laugh, calling our wedding “their 2nd wedding” – I was even overruled down to the flowers and font for the menus! But it’s a good thing they won because everything turned out just perfect. We actually booked everything having never been to Napa! It just felt right, and we couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.

Having a destination wedding was perfect for us in that we wanted an intimate feel with our family and close friends. Nick and I knew we wanted to be married in a Church, and luckily Napa has a beautiful little Catholic church in St. Helena. We wanted a style that was sophisticated but still fit within the casual elegance that is wine country. Its agricultural and natural, but at the same time felt suitable to be walking around in a wedding gown and suit. We simply borrowed from the location the colors that fit so naturally with plums, deep purples, and greens.

Luckily, with Beaulieu Garden comes a fantastic caterer, Paula Le Duc. Everything was delicious and so precise, with all the vegetables grown locally on site. I loved that they were able to incorporate the French macaroons that we love so much. I heard the cake even survived a fender bender in transit, and somehow made it there in perfect condition. I adore old chandeliers and always want to buy them at antique markets, but when I didn’t have the budget for more lighting, my sister chipped in and surprised me with them the day of, as a wedding gift. They added a great touch in the evening. I admit, having not lived in California, we were nervous with an outdoor venue, but luckily all the Californians were right “it never rains in August.” So, we had so much fun dancing the night away under the stars, followed by a lovely weekend vacation enjoying Napa.

Vendors Include: Photography: Hannah Suh Photography Venue: Beaulieu Garden Caterer: Paula Le Duc Floral Design: Catherine Scott Flowers