I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Whoa. You guys, I’m about to blow your mind with a crazy creative couple that threw a simple, casual wedding that just overflows with down home family barbecue goodness. Not only that, but this couple created a John Wayne inspired website which, I swear, is one of the funnest things I’ve read/seen in a very long time. So saddle up your mares, check out these fabulous images by James Moes and then, and I really mean this, giddy on up over to their website, Operation John Wayne, for a good ol’ time.

First, a sneak peek of their site. I die.

Here’s a tiny little tid bit from their website. This is Claire’s bio, which I just couldn’t stop myself from reading:

 Todd’s grandpa Roscoe was always known as “rough and ready”, especially after a few cups of whisky. That conviction was imparted on and always stuck with Todd; with his friends, his dog, and his general approach to things. When he met Claire he had found that spirit in a woman too. Claire’s level head, sturdy frame, and even sturdier demeanor did not go unnoticed as Todd always tries to give her his best run for her money. You can really get to know a girl’s composure when her car blows up in smoke and you have to push it through a military check point in the middle of the desert, and she sits on the hood of the car and still enjoys the sunset. You really get to know a girl’s wherewithal when you watch her get sewed up in a hospital – and she smiles and asks you to take a picture. That Claire was sharper than Todd’s pocket knife, well read, insightful, quick witted, and a brilliant and successful photographer left no room for doubt; this girl was the catch he couldn’t release. Who knew rough and ready could also be smart and beautiful? Roscoe would have certainly raised his glass in approval.

Now on to the wedding (you can see more images of their wedding here and here):

canoe getaway
creative getaway ideas canoe

This all just goes to show that the absolute best weddings are the ones where you allow the celebration to reflect your personalities as a couple, and share that with your guests!