I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

We are LOVING pampas grass as a floral design element right now so of course we were smitten with it’s bold presence in Katherine and Matthew’s Santorini wedding celebration. The unconventional couple enlisted the help of Santorini Glam Weddings to plan their intimate beach ceremony and reception. Betty Flowers incorporated tall wheat-colored tufted pampas grass into the ceremony backdrop creating an incredibly dreamy setting that perfectly matched the nude grays and beiges of the volcanic surroundings. Eco-chic details complimented the setup and minimalism worked like a charm while Sandy and Odysseas captured all the smiles and style of this laid-back Greek wedding.

from the bride: Like every bride and groom, we wanted our day to be a true reflection of us. We both love the beach, so for us, there was no better place to get married! We had an amazing private venue, hidden away, on the beach. It was very intimate & perfect day with our friends and family. Since we got married in Santorini, there is no better back drop than this, what else do you need?! Given this, we went for a casual event with neutral colors.

The venue was stunning with views across the water. We had limited décor given the amazing view. Given we are all about simplicity, our wedding planner created a statement piece on the beach on which we were married. It was so perfect! My bouquet had only one special requirement: portiere. The reason being it was my grandmother’s favorite flower and was a must to include on our special day.

As we traveled all the way from Australia, we were so lucky to have our friends and family in Santorini for the week! We shared so many special memories during this time. So our questions were: what can we give our guests to remember this day? We included little favor bracelets with an evil eye on each. Everyone loved them & are still wearing them!

About my wedding look – we are not your typical bride and groom! I was fortunate to find an off the rack Thurley dress – it was me to a T!! Not your standard wedding dress, however, I did go a little crazy on the shoes!! For the groom, it was all about comfort while looking good. No suits here!!

The proposal – OMG!! One of the best days of my life. We were in Dubai, and for as long as I could remember I wanted to swim with dolphins. Matt kindly organized a private swim with the dolphins at the Atlantis The Palm. An hour full of amazing experiences, I was smiling from ear to ear, a great experience. At the end of our session, I was asked if I would like to teach the dolphin a trick. YES! YES! YES! I was so excited, me? Teach the dolphin a trick – omg!! I was handed a round ring, with a weight/canister on the bottom of it, and told to throw it out & Black (the dolphin) would bring it back. Not too far, not too close, it needs to be just right. So much pressure! I throw the ring – a success!! The dolphin places the ring around its neck & successfully brings it back in. Woohoo!! I took the ring off, and the trainer says, “Black (the dolphin) has a special gift for you, open the weight/canister on the ring.” I thought it would be a fish (to reward black) or a key ring. So I tried to open the weight/canister. I couldn’t; I kept trying and trying and then all of a sudden I managed to open it!! WHAT? A complete surprise, a beautiful diamond ring, I had no idea! But my day wasn’t over just yet, the surprises kept coming. Matt had organized a wonderful dinner at Nobu & covered our hotel room in roses. He is the best, I’m so lucky!

We decided to take our photos before the wedding so we could enjoy every minute with our friends & family. So the most anticipated / special moment was our first look. We were so excited to see each other for the first time in our outfits. His smile said it all.

Everyone said, “take it all in, your day goes so quickly”. It does!! Hang on to it & enjoy it. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you’re planning a wedding in Santorini, I would highly recommend everyone who made our day so special.

Photographer: Sandy and Odysseas // Wedding Planner: Santorini Glam Weddings // Flowers: Betty Flowers // Wedding Dress: Thurley // Bridal Shoes: Christian Louboutin // Jewelry and Wedding Rings: Cara Jewelers // Groom suit: George and King // Catering: Spicy Bites