I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Dani and Macaine’s wedding at Triunfo Creek Vineyards has all that down-home charm and relaxed elegance currently making the vineyard wedding so appealing to the modern couple. The couple professed their vows under a sprawling tree and continued the celebration with a family style dinner on the lawn with all of their loved ones. Coordination was by Couture Events, florals by Mulberry and Moss and paper goods by Blot and Dot.  Natalie Schutt Photography was on had to capture all the details in these sunny, joyful images.

Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

When I got engaged I was on the search for MY dress. With so much at our fingertips these days via social media I went on so many pages, links, blogs, etc. I came across this dress that was so beautiful, and felt so much like me I could not get it out of my head. I had not yet heard of the designer, but discovered they were based in Australia. Originally I felt disappointment, but then began to do my homework. They had stock lists all over the world, but NONE in California. Still I wasn’t going to stop that easily. I called the designer, and told her how in love I was with the dress. She was so excited to tell me that she just began a partnership with a bridal boutique in my city and shipped the dresses to them that week! I was so excited and called the boutique and they told me the dresses would arrive that Tuesday.

Meanwhile, while all this searching was going on I had gone to different bridal boutiques and tried on many beautiful dresses. I found one that I actually said yes to the dress! It was gorgeous and I was so ecstatic about my find. BUT when I found out my online find was in my area I still made an appointment, and went in to try it on. It took me about 2 seconds to know that I had found the one. I luckily hadn’t bought the first one yet, and got to say yes to my absolute dream dress. I LOVED my dress, and most importantly felt so much like myself in it.

What were some touches added to make the wedding personal?

I loved getting creative, and thinking of new ways to incorporate things that were special to us.

My husband, Macaine, got ready with the boys in his parents RV on the site of our wedding. They played games, had beers, and laughed their way through the afternoon. He had a day that was so his style. Laid back, relaxed, fun, and casual. It was important to me to make sure he had a set up with his guys for the day that made him feel just as special, and excited as I would be with my girls. His mom gifted him a pocket watch that was from her father, Macaine’s grandfather who had passed away. It was one of the pocket watches he had saved to give to each of his grandsons on their wedding day. It was a very special gift for him to get, knowing his grandfather was still with him celebrating our day.

My girls and I got ready in the beautiful bridal suite at Triunfo Creek Vineyards. Playing music, drinking mimosas, and pouring love and support into one another. Some of my favorite memories of the day were getting to have that time with my girls. We each wore the robes I had gifted them when I asked them each to stand by my side as my bridesmaids.

We had a first look on our wedding day, not to save time for photos but because this was the biggest day of our lives and we wanted to feel the comfort, love, and protection of the most important person in the world to us. We were given that time to truly reflect on our emotions and prepare for the biggest commitment of our lives.

Walking down the aisle I was staring at my protector. The man who I have only seen cry once before be completely vulnerable as he was crying watching his future wife walk toward him. We view marriage as a promise under God, so we decided to have a moment to pray with one another taking communion as we were two individuals becoming one. Macaine and I wrote our own vows to one another being able to truly express our love and commitment to one another. We were not only sharing this with one another, but sharing it with the people we love and trust most. To have them hold us accountable for these promises we had made to one another.

Throughout the night we continued celebrating the marriage we had begun. We laughed as well as cried at the speeches our loved ones made. As they not only humbled us with love, but confirmed to us through other eyes why we knew we had found the one. We shoved cake in each others faces, and laughed at each others’ excitement. My grandparents led line dances to our small wedding of 230 people, and we danced the night away. Macaine is in love with dancing and I feared for my life as he came at me during the garter removal. Cheering so loud at the performance he had waited his lifetime to give. The only thoughts in my head were ‘Oh boy I love this man!’


What was the most memorable part of the day?

I think I would have to say the moment before I walked down the aisle and leading to walking down the aisle. It was such a surreal moment for me to reflect on the fact that I was about to commit my life to someone. I will never forget looking at my future husband and all the people we loved as I walked to him in the arms of my dad.


Tell us how you met and became engaged.

How we met was a somewhat of a process, and makes us laugh to this day. I was in High School, and went to visit my sister at College. As we were walking to one of classes I hear this guy yell out to her to come over and say hi. It was Macaine, who was one of her good guy friends in college. I met him then thinking he was this older college guy, but didn’t think much past that. After we met then it seemed that he was at a lot of the same things my family liked to do, and would always find us to say hi. Still throughout that time he was my sister’s friend, but he began to contact me directly. I’m talking only a few times a year, just check in and see how I was doing in life. It was always a joke from my friends that he was very interested in me, but waiting for the right time. A few years went by like that, and then we lost touch completely. 5 years from when I originally met him I ran into him at a concert. We got to talking and immediately clicked again. We both had to go as we were with other groups, but he asked if he could take me on a date when we got home and I said I think that could work. My phone got stolen at the concert, and about a week later I was able to get a new one. Two months went by, and I logged on to my Facebook page which I rarely checked. I found a message from Macaine saying he had tried to call me, but didn’t get connected. He left his phone number, and said to give him a call if I would let him take me on a date. I reached out to him and we set a date. Let’s just say from there there was no more disconnection. He was the best man I had ever met, and was always nothing but a gentleman. My life was forever changed.

Macaine has a family friend that owns a high rise in Long Beach. He had told me that this particular family friend was having a big birthday at the building, and gave me the date. I put it in my calendar and went on with my day. When that day came around we decided to go to dinner before and show up a little late to the birthday. We went to a beautiful steak house and had a wonderful date night before the party. We then drove over to the building, got out of the car, Macaine grabbed the gift he had got for him, and walked inside. We took the elevator up and got off at the top floor. We then had to go up a few stairs to get to the rooftop. We were mid random conversation as I was expecting to walk into a family friend’s birthday party. When we got to the top of the stairs and walked up to the roof I stopped and was very confused. I thought where is everyone? Did we get the date wrong?! Then I saw the path of flower petals and candle leading to bench. I was in total shock. Honestly I have never felt so speechless in my life. I looked at Macaine, and he just smiled at me. I was then realizing what was happening and had an extreme wave of excitement, love, and amazement! My future husband walked me to the end of the path, looked at me, and recited an amazingly thoughtful speech going over why I was the love of his life, and many other things but honestly there was too much excitement to remember. He then pulled a little box out of the present bag, and got on his knee. Nobody can explain the feeling you get at this moment, but it was a moment I will never forget. My best friend proposed to me and I said YES! He had photographers hiding and capturing it all. We then got to take some photos with them on the roof. They recommended we go down one floor to take more in this cool room. I was in La La Land, and said sounds good. We walked down one floor and opened the door and there screaming their hearts out were our closest friends and family! We got to celebrate and feel the love of the most important people in our lives. I married a good one ladies. He made my fairy tale come to life.

Photography: Natalie Schutt Photography // Coordination: Couture Events // Florist: Mulberry and Moss // Paper Goods: Blot and Dot // Venue: Triunfo Creek Vineyards // Dress: Love and Lace Bridal and Tailor-Designer: Made with Love // Videography: Amari Productions // Catering: Above All Catering // Rentals: Classic Party Rentals // Desserts: Beverly’s Bakery // Veil: Elle Bridal Boutique // Hair and Makeup: Blushing Beauty // Grooms and Groomsman custom suits: Grooms Grotto // Groom and Groomsman Ties: My Tie Shop // Entertainment: Luxury Entertainment Group, DJ: DJ Rich Martinez  & Band: Westsiders // Ring Box: The Mrs. Box