I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Bryan and Megan met on tour as professional tap dancers. Naturally, their first dance was choreographed and Gene Kelly inspired! Everything from their Anchorman photobooth to the bride’s bespoke dress screams personality and fun! We just couldn’t get enough of this wedding and thought we’d let the gorgeous bride, Megan, tell you more about it, so read on below. Very special thanks to photographer Braedon Flynn. He always has the hippest clients, right?



What was the theme/concept of your wedding and what inspired it?

Cozy Cozy Cozy! We really wanted to create an environment that was comfortable and encouraged a sense of community first and foremost. From the bench seating at the ceremony to the long table family style dinner, it really felt like an intimate gathering with the best of our friends. We made sure to keep everything very US. So in a sense, we inspired the theme! Both Bryan and I are very chill and relaxed individuals and wanted the day to run as such. I should be giving Bryan a little more credit on that, he really is Mr. Zen and it’s good when it rubs off on me too!


Tell us about finding your dress!

I was one lucky gal in this department. Bryan’s mother Nina is an amazing ballroom dance gown designer, so naturally when she offered to make my dress from scratch I was in! It was so special spending the time designing it with her. She found the lace in Chicago and and literally whipped it up in a week! It was exactly what I wanted and I felt so honored to wear it knowing she made it all by hand. It was the best wedding gift I could ever ask for.




Do you see Bryan dancing down the aisle?





Were there any special additions to your wedding that made it unique?

Well, we did have an Anchorman photo booth! I had to pay homage to my favorite movie of all time after all. Bryan is quite the handy man and built the set! I found a really great salvaged desk from the flea market and we recreated the news desk set from the movie. Fake mustaches and scotch were readily available for props of course. Did this fit with our decor?… no… but I had to ask myself, WWRBD?

Who catered your event? Did you love the food? Tell us a bit about the menu!

Kitchen Mouse! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Erica Daking and her team. Bryan is a vegetarian so we went with an in season menu full of fresh California ingredients. So many of our guests [especially the meat eaters] raved about the food, it was incredible. My favorite was the roasted carrot and avocado salad as well as the Cauliflower Cous Cous. We also had delicious crostini platters on the table for guests to snack on, the fig and ricotta crostini’s were to die for. We now do our best to recreate the dishes every so often for dinner, not quite as good as Erica but good enough!

Who was your florist? Tell us about the experience of working with them!

We did the flowers ourselves, which was such a special experience. We picked the flowers up from the LA flower market the day before and had a fun family party with everyone arranging the table pieces. Our amazing planners from Gather Events put together the bouquets.

Who did you hire for entertainment?

DJ Smiles Davis, seriously we did not have to tell her one thing. We loved her vibe, she loved ours… and we partied hard. She is a dancer herself so dj’ing for a room full of dancers was right up her ally! We did not stop for anything, even to cut the cake. I think that was a sign of a good night. I even kept my tap shoes on throughout. Her choice of music and the way she read the crowd was unparalleled.









Can you describe some of your favorite moments as you look back on your wedding day?

Bryan and I met on tour as professional dancers, I was an irish dancer and he was an american tap dancer. It was only fitting that our first dance be in tap shoes! [Obviously I bedazzled mine] We choreographed a Gene Kelly esq dance to LOVE by Nat King Cole. Minutes before the dance, we were in the bridal suite running through the routine as we had both never made it through yet mistake free! When we walked out hand in hand in tap shoes and saw the surprised look on our friends and family’s faces [I kept it a secret from my mom!] it was a moment of complete bliss. The dance went perfect and was such an incredible moment full of love. I know we will still be dancing together when we are 80.




Vendors: Photography: Braedon Photography // Hair: Jennifer Loura // Makeup: Nicole Walmsley // Shoes: Ivanka Trump // Bridesmaid Dresses: BCBG // Groom Suit & Shoes: Zara Suit, Cole Haan Shoes // Catering: Kitchen Mouse // Coordinator: Gather Events // Entertainment: DJ Smiles Davis