I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Whoa. You guys, today we get to check out the wedding of a returning couple whose L.A. Comic Book engagement shot by Ashley Rose we featured a few months ago. Well, here is their wedding which could not get more lovely! Sabrina is an actress and model in L.A. and fittingly chose her dress inspiration (recreated by Designer Coren Kim) from the 1959 movie Imitation of Life. Sabrina tells us,

“When I first saw Lana Turner wearing this gorgeous white dress with the turquoise tie, I said at 12 years old: one day Im gonna have this dress made and it will be my wedding gown! Thus little over 20 years later the day came! My wedding day in this amazing dress. So it was very emotional being in this dress.”

I love that Sabrina fell in love with her dream dress at the tender tween age of 12! Talk about consistent sense of style. I think when I was in Jr. High, my idea of the dream wedding dress involved huge puffy shoulders, long sleeves that came to a point at the end, and a ginormous puffy skirt ala Princess Diana. How times have changed! But for Sabrina, she chose a recreated gown with a classic look that is surprisingly fresh and modern!

Feast your eyes on these fresh and colorful images by Ashley Rose! Props to the rad floral design by Holly Flora and Primary Petals, along with coordinator/designer Joy from Pink Cloud Events!

yellow orange aqua bouquet sabrina alashi wedding
custom wedding dress aqua sash

Sabrina actually had her bouquet designed to look like her engagement ring. It turned out so amazing, it looked exactly like her ring!

orange aqua colorful fun spring summer wedding california museum of art sabrina ashley
succulent boutonniere men's plaid bowtie bow tie orange green aqua bouquet

Instead of buying new wood boxes or glass terrariums I had this idea when i passed a cigar store in Pensacola while on a film shoot. The store sold empty cigar boxes and they all looked so colorful and different and only cost $1. Soooo the idea was born to have succulents planted in those cute cigar boxes. A small green environmental friendly step. And they turned out amazing.

cigar box succulent centerpiece

Basically all ideas for the wedding were based on having so many friends from different countries and both us of truly being a melting pot ourselves! So I found this typographical map and feel in love immediately and knew THAt is our backdrop for the Altar. My next idea was how to incorporate our friends? Of course! By them pinning a map pin where they were born!! Now we have this awesome amazing stunning map with all our friends colorful mappins sticking in it. It will grace our wall at home forever!

typographical map wedding ideas

Here’s a link to the map if you love it!!!