I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

I recently read somewhere that destination weddings are actually a more affordable option than in-town weddings. I thought that statement to be counterintuitive, but the writer said the when you plan a wedding in a beautiful far off location, not only are you paying for less guests, but you’re also paying for less decor…why mess with perfection?

Well, I think this lovely wedding sent to me by reader Danielle and her husband Josiah really demonstrates that a stunning location is sometimes all you really need. They let the location dictate the look and feel of the day and I think the photos speak for themselves. Photography studio Rawsii took these gorgeous photos.

Speaking of Rawsii, just a little extra tid bit that the photographer flew to Danielle and Josiah’s destination wedding in Florida and shot all the photos for free, because she wanted to support the non-profit Sonny Villa that the bride and groom founded. (Which, by the way, is such a great outreach…I literally teared up when I went to their site to check it out!) How sweet is that? Awww….