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We love a couple that takes a trend and flips it on it’s head. Chelsie and Tom did just that with their modern barn wedding. They set out with a goal of creating “an atmosphere that reflected the organic-authentic-northwoods charm” that they love about their state of Wisconsin, but they did it in such a gorgeous, modern way. Perfectly edited details like the buffalo check blankets and modern script signage feel totally fresh and the resulting vibes at The Enchanted are something to strive for. The couple carried their modern sensibilities throughout the celebration, forgoing a traditional reception and opting instead for a cocktails, passed appetizers and a walk-up wood fire pizza station. Love! See all the details in these gorgeous images captured by Meghan Lee Harris.

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Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

From the bride: My gown was by Emmy Mae Bridal and purchased from Bucci’s Bridal in the greater Milwaukee area. It was the second or third dress I had tried on in store and I knew immediately it was the one. The Bucci Bridal stylists are amazing and had contacted me prior to my appointment to get a feel for my style so when I came in for my appointment, there were already a handful of selections that fit what I was looking for already waiting for me. It made the dress-finding process so much easier and way less overwhelming. I knew I wanted something unique and not typical, but still timeless. The plunging neckline of my gown and timeless lace immediately checked those boxes for me and I knew it was the one!

What were some touches added to make the wedding personal? 

From the bride: It was important to us that our wedding felt personalized and didn’t fit a specific mold. As proud Wisconsinites the main thing we wanted to execute was having an atmosphere that reflected the organic-authentic-northwoods charm we love about our state. I think we achieved that in subtle ways through the barn venue itself, the relaxed informal reception, having locally made pies, Wisconsin Beer, and organic floral arrangements.

Our signature drinks were named after our pets, Winslow and Bella. We had a custom made sign with their faces on it, made by an Etsy shop. We brought our patio furniture and picnic setups with all the cushions and blankets we had from home for some cozy seating areas. The uplighting for our reception was green and blue as a subtle little tribute to the NBA team Milwaukee Bucks (where Chelsie used to cheerlead). The pies for the reception were made locally by The Norske Nook which is definitely a local treasure of a restaurant and bakery. Their pies are well known in the area and we knew without question we wanted locally made pies.

The song I walked down the aisle to was the instrumental from the song Holocene by Bon Iver; which has its origins from my home town of Eau Claire, WI. If you’re an Eau Claire native you know who Bon Iver and Justin Vernon are. Music really sets the tone for us and Bon Iver is really the epitome of the Midwest and northern Wisconsin vibe, so there was no doubt we had to incorporate at least one song into the day.

Also being from a logging town I wanted a subtle woodsy feel incorporated into our florals, so soft pines and ferns were incorporated which was another perfectly subtle tribute to my hometown of Eau Claire. The florals were elegant, but still had locally foraged foliage elements.

The venue itself had personal significance to me and it wasn’t random I chose a barn, being from a Wisconsin farming family and spending so much time on my grandpa’s farm as a kid. We also just loved the relaxed atmosphere of having a barn wedding and reception, it fit both of our laid back personalities perfectly.

What was the most memorable part of the day? 

From the bride: The most memorable part of the day for both of us was the ceremony. The day after, it was the ceremony that we kept talking about and reminiscing on. Our wedding day is something we had been building up to for a long time and we really wanted to take the time to acknowledge that. We decided to write our own vows and didn’t screen each other’s beforehand. Personalizing our vows and saying our own words from our hearts was the most meaningful and priceless moment of the whole day. We also were lucky enough to have my best friend/Maid of Honor’s mom officiate the ceremony for us. It was really comforting and special to have her as our officiant, as she’s known me for so long. We were both so happy we tailored the ceremony how we wanted it, didn’t stick to a traditional format. It was all very authentic and personalized exactly how we wanted it.

Tell us how you met and became engaged.

From the bride: Tom and I live in Milwaukee and met our freshman year of college, at UW Milwaukee through mutual friends. We hit it off immediately and were inseparable for all of college. Going into our sophomore year I auditioned for the NBA Milwaukee Bucks dance team. The whole reason I had decided on moving to Milwaukee in the first place, was to pursue dancing professionally and to make that team. So, I made it happen. I continued to dance for the Bucks for 4 seasons and loved every second of it. Between games, practices, promotions, and school, my schedule was very tight. Tom and I only had small windows of time to hang out, but he always understood, and we made it work. Tom was one of my biggest fans and went to countless games to see and support me.

At the closure of my 4th season with the Bucks, I put my dancing on pause. Rather than preparing for the upcoming season’s audition, I was preparing for our surprise newest additions arrival. Our daughter Lila was born June 24th, 2014. As young parents, we were terrified of what to expect, but buckled in for parenthood, something that had not even been on our radar a year earlier.

Considering I spent 4 years with the Milwaukee Bucks organization, my ties and pride for the team didn’t just go away. We love going to games and Lila hasn’t missed a home opener yet. So, knowing the connection I have to this organization I should have seen Tom’s proposal coming a mile away, but I didn’t.

So, fast forward to June 1st, 2017. Tom had arranged with my former boss, the director of game operations, to propose to me at the Milwaukee Bucks arena, on the court. He told me we were getting dinner at a restaurant that’s right across the street from the arena. Rather than park on the street by the restaurant, Tom pulled right into arena control, hopped out of his truck, and walked right in the back door of the stadium. Meanwhile, I’m trailing behind him, very confused, but still, no part of me thought we were there for a proposal. Tom had been replying to work related texts prior to parking in the player parking lot and bolting into the building, so I assumed the reason we were there and he was allowed to do that was work related. He simply said, “Come on, I’ve gotta do something quick.” And for some reason, I didn’t think anything of it and trailed behind.

Security greeted Tom saying he’d been informed we were coming so that just reconfirmed to me that someone must know Tom’s coming to meet him. The entire walk inside, through the entertainment tunnel, and onto the court, I was oblivious. I was chatting the whole way about how cool it was to be inside just the two of us and how I haven’t been on the court or behind the scenes in there in ages and how much I missed it.

When we finally got to center court, I remember just standing there, taking it all in. This was such a special place to me and I knew the importance of taking in that moment on the court, because I could still remember the last time I had done it; the last game of the season, of my last year dancing. When I turned to face Tom, he was down on one knee, right there at center court, pulling a ring box out of his pocket. I was completely taken by surprise and brought to tears instantly. In that moment, in a place that is so significant to me, Tom gave me the closure I needed for my past memories of that place/time of my life by creating the ultimate new memory with me and the start of the next chapter to our story.


Photographer: Meghan Lee Harris// Florals: Jennifer Joyce Design // Invitations: Minted // Venue: The Enchanted Barn // Videographer: Mollica Films // Dress Store: Bucci’s Bridal // Dress Designer: Emmy Mae // Bridal Accessories: Hello Adorn // Hair/Makeup: Lady Vamp Artistry // Groomsmen Suit: Ted Baker // Rentals / Furniture / Decor: from Bride & Groom’s own home décor // Wedding Party dresses/suits: all chose their own // Cake/Dessert: Norske Nook // Band/DJ: Pulse Entertainment // Caterer: The Enchanted Barn’s Wood-fired Pizza // Jeweler: Kessler’s // Bride’s Shoes: Steve Madden // Guest Book: Dustling and Hart // Wisconsin Themed Pillows: Proud Dweller // Ring Box: The Mrs. Box


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Emily and Emerson’s Charleston nuptials at Lowndes Grove incorporated many of the typical southern wedding design details including a plantation courtyard ceremony, florals by and topiaries by Out of the Garden, letterpress and (rainbow) wax seal  invitations by Alaina Polander and romantic white gowns and veils. However, the LGBT couple felt confident in their freedom to “throw tradition to the wind” in much of their personalized details. The “curated vibe—to relax and celebrate” of the day planned by our friends Ooh! Events included the couple getting ready together with all of their bridesmen and bridesmaids, a rendition of the Pulse Orlando Lin Manuel Miranda speech during the ceremony (not a dry eye in the house) and ditching all typical reception activities and instead dancing from start-to-finish. Emily and Emerson had a joint goal of staying “calm and present” during the day and they did it with joy, style and huge smiles as seen in these images captured by Brooke Boyd Photo + Film.

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What made the wedding special and unique?

From Emily: Being an LGBT couple we felt like we had a lot of freedom to throw tradition to the wind. While most of our wedding was as much of a cliché southern wedding as you can get, there were a lot of really personal details. We started  the day by doing yoga together and meditating guided by a friend. After yoga and meditating, we were able to spend the morning getting ready together with our closest friends. Getting ready together relieved all pressure; so many people love the suspense of seeing your wife walk down the aisle, but we wanted everything to be as calm and fun as possible. I think that made our wedding so unique. The entire day had a curated vibe – which was to relax and celebrate. We didn’t want anything to feel stuffy or posed and tried really hard to stay calm and be present. I would also argue the most unique part about our wedding was the amount of dancing – we skipped the activities once the reception started and instead never left the dance floor. We had two people do the worm, one person break dance, my sister did a split, and someone slid through another’s legs. WILD.

Tell us about the gowns and where/how you found them!

Emerson and I started off by going to New York with our best friends. We looked separately all day and neither of us found the dress, but we both agreed it was too hard not to share with the other. A month later, I went to Wedding Belles in New Orleans with my mom and sister and tried on the Jenny Yoo Riley I had seen in New York. Just like that, I was done! I loved so many dresses, but this one just fit the day best. Emerson on the other hand tried on dresses about four more times, when she finally tried on a Sarah Seven dress at Lovely Bride in DC and knew it was the one. It was perfectly simple with just enough modern edge to feel like her.

What were some touches added to make the wedding personal?

  1. Emerson picked out every single song that was played that day. To her, music creates the atmosphere, so she went through and chose from the prelude to the exit (and yes the afterparty). My favorite pick from her was the DJ set kicking off with “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it” by Katy Perry.
  2. We also picked every word spoken in the ceremony with our priest. Without question the best part of the wedding (and I highly recommend everyone use this in the future) was when my friend read Lin Manuel Miranda’s speech following the Pulse Orlando shooting. It’s safe to say there wasn’t a dry eye when she got to the “and love, is love, is love, is love, is love” part.
  3. We didn’t do a traditional wedding party; Emerson has two brothers and I have two sisters so they are the only people who stood. We did ask our best girls/guys to dress within the color palette and get ready with us. We were worried it was going to be cold, so each girl laid a fur stole at their chair and exited in it.
  4. Emerson’s brother and “Man of Honor” gave the best speech I ever heard. It began with “I’ve been knowing Emerson since the early 90s” and the highlight was “I never dreamed I’d be a bridesman one day, but I can’t tell you how happy I am to be one today.”


What was the most memorable part of the day?

There was one moment before the ceremony started when my veil kept pulling my hair and I started getting really nervous. Emerson could sense I was nervous and pulled me into a room and said “forget it, don’t wear the veil” and gave me a big kiss. At that moment, all fears were pushed away because I knew I had picked the perfect person to spend the rest of my life with.

Tell us how you met and became engaged.

Emerson and I met the summer of 2014, when I had just graduated college and was about to move to DC. After our first date, we didn’t spend a single day apart that summer. So much so that Emerson volunteered to make the 17 hour drive with me to DC. Even though we had no intention of being in a long distance relationship, we were inseparable. Mine and Emerson’s lives fit perfectly together. We had the same values, same drive, and liked to leave parties at the same time. She is the perfect complement to all of my weaknesses and makes me a better person on a daily basis. Through the last five years together, we’ve moved seven times, had two college graduations, and embarked on brand new jobs in brand new cities. We’ve been through ups and downs, weddings, funerals, a home renovation and so much more, but through it all, Emerson made me grateful for every day. Knowing this I finally decided it was time to seal the deal so I snuck around with Susie Satzman and designed her dream ring. Over her birthday, we spent a week at home in New Orleans at my parents’ camp. One morning while we were watching the sunrise over coffee and blueberry cake donuts, I decided that was the moment. I began acting super weird and insisted she put on cute pajamas (because I wanted a good picture) and she replied “What? No. Weirdo” it was 5:30 am. Our dog had hurt his paw and she kept trying to pay attention to him and I was trying to get her to pay attention to me! Finally I started my speech and she asks “are you proposing?” and I was like “oh my gosh no” as I pulled out the ring! At this point, Emerson is thoroughly confused, laughing, and crying. Regardless, SHE SAID YES and we celebrated that night at the place her parents got engaged.

Coordination/Rentals: Ooh! Events // Photographer + Videographer: Brooke Boyd Photo + Film // Floral: Out of the Garden // Invite Suite: Alaina Polander // Venue/Catering/Bar/Cake: Lowndes Grove // Emily’s dress: Jenny Yoo, from Wedding Belles Nola // Emerson’s dress: Sarah Seven Belmont dress, from Lovely Bride // Hair: Slate Bridal Hair + Make Up // Make Up: Marisa Warren, Sarah Early, Slate Bridal Hair + Make Up // Yoga Instructor: Isabel Groedel // Ceremony Music: Bespoke Strings // Band: Tyler Kitchen + The Right Pieces // Guests Transportation: ACW Limo // Getaway Transportation: Lowcountry Valet





Raina and Scott’s San Jose Del Cabo celebration is what modern destination wedding dreams are made of. Tropical foliage galore, a clean contemporary aesthetic and serious beach party vibes. The couple enlisted the super-skills of Lauren Lemke for Amy Abbott Events and the rest is history. Lauren suggested their stunning venue, Solaz, and complimented it with “a very clean aesthetic that went with the hotel’s beautiful, modern architecture and beach front setting.” Pina Hernandez utilized neutral tropical blooms and plenty of palms and fronds in the florals while black, white and gold accents in the paper and details by Bells & Whistles added graphic impact. Our friends Ana & Jerome were on hand to capture all the beauty and fabulousness in these gorgeous images.

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How did you meet, and how long did you date before getting engaged?

We met through mutual friends at a 21st birthday party while we were at college at the University of Maryland. We dated for 6 years before getting engaged.

Who proposed? When and how?

Scott proposed when we were in Paris having a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower. It was the last stop on our trip through Europe and he had hidden the ring and surprise from me (and our friends and families) the entire time.

How did you choose your wedding venue?

It was recommended to us by our wedding planner Lauren Lemke.

How did you choose your table decor?

We wanted a very clean aesthetic that went with the hotel’s beautiful, modern architecture and beach front setting.



Please describe 4 favorite moments:

1- The first time we saw each other before the wedding (first look). It was so special to be able to have a little bit of time to ourselves during all of the excitement. There was so much build up to the day, so being able to share a moment in the midst of it all was unforgettable.

2- When Scott’s dad and cousin got on the stage and played with the band. Everyone was so surprised and it meant so much to us that they had planned such a thoughtful and fun addition to the day.

3- Being able to blend our two cultures together and have a combined wedding ceremony performed by one of our closest friends, as well as elements from traditional Hindu weddings that were coordinated with Raina’s Aunt and Uncle.

4- Listening to all of the stories and memories that were shared with us throughout the weekend during the speeches, toasts and just in conversation. Having all of our closest friends and family in the same place for the whole weekend brought back so many memories and allowed us to make even more.

Photographer: Ana & Jerome // Planner: Lauren Lemke for Amy Abbott Events // Flowers: Pina Hernandez // Invitations: Minted // Paper goods/printed items: Bells & Whistles // Hair & Makeup: Blanc Salon // Dress: Alessandra Rinaudo // Groom’s Attire: State and Liberty // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell // Bridesmaids Dresses: ASOS, Chrissy Teigen for Revolve, Lulus // Rentals: Del Cabo Events  and Let it Be // Band: Pura Vida


Torrey and James met and fell in love in San Diego so it was natural choice for their wedding celebration. With the help of Luxe Events they planned their destination wedding remotely while they both pursued graduate degrees. San Diego Museum of Art provided the beautiful setting which included a garden ceremony “in the round” and a reception in the historic courtyard of the museum. Modern design sensibilities and a black and white palette informed the details including florals by Parker and Posies and stationery by Brightly Designed. Lucky for us, the couple enlisted the skill of San Diego wedding photographers Let’s Frolic Together to capture their day in these light-strewn images.

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Tell us about yourselves!

Torrey is originally from Huntington Beach, California, and currently works as a social worker and therapist at a school in Seattle. James is from Portland, Oregon, and is graduating from medical school this year. We were both in graduate school for the entire time we were planning our wedding! Some of our favorite things to do together include cooking together and exploring new cuisines, hiking, and traveling. Most importantly, we love spending time with our mini goldendoodle named Moose

What made the wedding special and unique?

We chose to get married in San Diego, which is where we met and fell in love. Even though it wasn’t always logistically easy to plan a wedding from far away, every time we came back to San Diego it felt like a mini-vacation! We had people come from truly all four corners of the country to celebrate with us all weekend. Each night leading up to the wedding we had the chance to spend time with a progressively larger group of friends and family, which made it easier to balance seeing all the people who came to celebrate with us and spending some quality time with people who we otherwise don’t get to see very often. Since we have both spent time living in different places throughout the time we were dating, our wedding was a place to bring together all our communities and by the end of the weekend it was so beautiful to see everyone mixing together, we felt so loved! In planning our wedding we wanted everyone to have fun, eat great food, and enjoy the setting.  We worked with the awesome Cara North of Luxe Events, and she helped us execute this vision. We wanted our wedding to have a modern flair and so while our color palate was black, white and gold with an accent of inky blue, we mixed modern patterns into the place setting and paper goods.

Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

The dress was a beaded Jenny Packham Gown that I bought at The Dress Theory in Seattle! I loved my experience at the Dress Theory; they made me feel so special throughout the whole process. James and I were engaged for 2 years and so I had plenty of time to gather inspiration for what kind of a gown I wanted before I even started shopping. I had seen some Jenny Packham gowns and was in awe of their shape and the beading. The closest stockist was the dress theory, and I had already heard from friends that they had beautiful, unique gowns. I would describe my personal style as more minimalist, and so I had originally envisioned a simple gown with maybe some lace, but as soon as I put on the dress I knew it was what I wanted for my wedding day. Another important factor was how easy it was to dance in!

What were some touches added to make the wedding personal?

We both have close friends and family of different genders. We didn’t let ourselves feel constrained when inviting people to be in our wedding party and it made it more of a community than separate parties. Our grandparents have been major influences in both of our lives, and even though they couldn’t all be at our wedding, two of our grandmas were our flower girls, lining the aisle with flower petals and joy.

Our dog, Moose, was only a few months old when we got married and sadly wasn’t able to make the trip with us to San Diego. We had a silhouette of her on our table numbers and we got a cardboard cutout of her likeness that people took photos with for our guestbook, and she also made appearances at our first look and on the dance floor.

We had our ceremony in the round, which meant we had a chance to look out at all those gathered with us, and they were able to see our faces throughout the ceremony.

What was the most memorable part of the day?

We loved reading our own vows to each other. We hadn’t initially planned on doing this, but it ended up being meaningful to declare our feelings for each other so publicly and using our own words.

One of the reasons we picked our venue was that we could stay there until midnight dancing outside. We’ll never forget dancing all night under a full moon, surrounding by all of the night lights of Balboa Park.

Tell us how you met and became engaged.

We met in college, when we both led a Spring Break immersion trip to Tijuana, Mexico. Despite having an eye out for each other from the beginning, it wasn’t until after the second year of working together that we started to make moves! We dated long distance for a few years before moving to Seattle together when James started medical school. James spent a summer doing research in South Africa, and when Torrey decided to visit last minute James knew it would be the perfect time to propose. After flying almost 28 hours to get there, James proposed the day after Torrey arrived when they visited Cape Town’s Kirstenbosch Gardens.  To celebrate their engagement James surprised Torrey with a safari where they got to see numerous elephants–Torrey’s favorite animal!

Photography: Let’s Frolic Together // Coordinator/Event Design: Luxe Events // Floral: Parker and Posies // Stationery: Brightly Designed // Venue: San Diego Museum of Art // Dress: Jenny Packham / The Dress Theory Seattle // Caterer: Miho Catering Co. // Cake: Twiggs Bakery // DJ: Still Listening Productions // HMUA: The Hair and Makeup Box // Rentals: Classic Party Rentals / Bright Event Rentals / Concepts Event Design / Hostess Haven / Craft in the Park // Tux: Indochino // Rings: Aide-Memoire


Cara and Cameron love traveling, music and trying new food and aptly sought inspiration for their destination wedding day from a William Shakespeare quote that reads “If music be the food of love, play on.” They planned an entire weekend of events in Austin, TX for their friends and family including a Bluegrass BBQ, a stunning ceremony at St. Mary’s Cathedral and a ballroom reception at Four Seasons Hotel Austin. Wedding coordination was by CAKE Event Company, romantic florals were by Color Theory Collective and calligraphy by Jen Krause CalligraphyAllie Lindsey Photography was on hand to capture all the details in these inspiring film images.

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What made the wedding special and unique? 

What really made our wedding special was that it wasn’t just the celebration on the wedding day, but an entire weekend of special events. We started off with group walk/run around Lady Bird Lake on Friday morning and in the evening, hosted a Bluegrass BBQ equipped with the best local BBQ from Leroy and Lewis and musical entertainment from a local Austin Bluegrass band, Steel Betty. The day after the wedding we hosted a Gospel Brunch at a cool office space where we enjoyed some Sunday gospel tunes and Austin’s famous Breakfast Tacos.

We currently live in Southern California and looked at many venues in our area, however nothing really felt like “us.” While visiting Austin, our home away from home, my brother suggested we visit St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Four Seasons on a whim. We had to laugh because as soon as we stepped foot into the church and the hotel, we knew that Austin was the place for us. Our friends and family are scattered throughout the United States, so it was also the perfect central meeting ground for all of our guests!

What I feel is most unique about our wedding weekend was that although there were over 180 guests, it still felt very intimate and personal. I loved being able to look around and see people who didn’t know each other one day earlier dancing together on the dance floor, laughing with each other and making those lasting memories that stick with you forever.

Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

Growing up, I never had a true vision for my wedding dress. I teetered from lace to mermaid gowns to princess and A-line so when it came to actually try on dresses, I felt like I was all over the place! I scheduled appointments at a few different stores in Los Angeles, and when we got to Monique Lhullier, my mom, sister and I picked out a few dresses and headed into the fitting room. And then, there it was! It was like a match made in wedding Heaven…this beautiful dress hanging in the perfect lighting left behind by the previous soon-to-be bride trying on dresses. The instant I tried it on, I cried. I knew it was the dress for me. It was whimsical, romantic and elegant. The floral lace bodice that ran into a silk tulle skirt was stunning. It fit perfectly with my personality and romance of the day.

What were some touches added to make the wedding personal? 

We love traveling, music and trying new food, and sought inspiration from a William Shakespeare quote that read “If music be the food of love, play on.” Throughout the weekend, we made sure that music was very much the constant theme and focus of our wedding festivities, whether it was the Bluegrass band at our welcome party, Drywater Band at our wedding, the playlist at our rehearsal dinner or the Gospel band at our brunch. Some other personal touches we added were a traditional Irish bagpiper that guided us from cocktail hour into our reception, our invitation suite I designed with my mom and sister, our sweet niece and nephews walking down the aisle, the “First Look” I got to have with my dad before we headed to the church, His and Her’s cocktails, a handwritten seating chart, handwritten name tiles and romantic floral arrangements of different flower, shapes and sizes.

What was the most memorable part of the day? 

The most memorable part of the day was walking down the aisle to my groom. I was so excited to see Cameron for the first time and he looked so handsome (and excited) on the altar and the second we locked eyes, we both started crying. In that moment, I knew we would be together forever and there was no better feeling in the world!

Tell us how you met and became engaged.

We met through mutual friends and started dating shortly after. We would take weekly dates on the Santa Monica bluffs where we would pack a picnic and watch the sunset. Cameron and I have explored the world together and gone to many different countries to taste exotic foods. We love going to concerts and experiencing new things together.

During our Europe trip in 2016, our first stop was Paris, France. We started the day off with sightseeing and then had our first Afternoon Tea! After Tea, we walked over to the Pon de Bir-Hakeim, which has a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. As the sun was setting, Cameron got down on one knee and proposed. Little did I know, he also reached out to an American photographer living in Paris who captured everything on film! The next day, we flew to Barcelona to meet up with some of our friends from back home who had already known about the engagement! It was so special to be able to celebrate such an exciting time with both Cameron and some of our closest friends.


Photography: Allie Lindsey Photography // Coordinator: CAKE Event Company // Florist: Color Theory Collective // Calligraphy: Jen Krause Calligraphy // Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Austin // Videographer: Photohouse Films // Makeup: Makeup by Adrienn // Lighting: PSAV // Linens: La Tavola Linen // Welcome Party & Brunch Rentals: Premiere Event Rentals // Band: The Drywater Band // Welcome Party Band: Steel Betty Band // Photo Booth: Moviewhip // Church: St. Mary’s Cathedral