I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

“I’m going to keep it soooo low-key casual and simple…then 300 hours of Pinterest later I found myself making novel-length programs, producing a musical production and making a small film. I will say, it was worth it.” We think so too, Tracy! Check out this wonderful wedding filled with family, love and some very pretty details. Planned and designed by Orange Blossom Special Events with photography by Next Exit Photography








What made the wedding special and unique?

The Carondelet space is a really intimate, personal, spiritual place. The outdoor and indoor character and charm created the perfect setting for an evening we would call “enchanting”. The special, intimate and organic vibe we wanted everyone to feel during the wedding was a reflection of our relationship. It was a botanical garden meets secret garden theme – and the lighting was all candles and amber wall lighting and we felt like we were all in such a special moment in time together. It was really an evening full of love. It was very hard to not invite a larger group of people, but we were so present and loved spending time with everyone – it really didn’t fly by…we soaked it all in.





Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

Well, the thought of wearing a white wedding dress was not happening. I think I cried after trying on 15+ dresses…I’m like, why don’t they look like they did in the picture?? So one day on my Instagram feed I see this skirt and top outfit (I follow Monique Lhuillier because of her style, not wedding dresses) I once I saw this “skirt” and “top” with pockets…I knew. So I walked into the shop and walked out with my “skirt-top” dress with pockets. (If I worked out more I would have had the seamstress shorten the middle but I spared the midriff look…sigh.)





What were some touches added to make it personal?

I was one of those brides that started off like, oh, I’m going to keep it soooo low-key casual and simple…then 300 hours of Pinterest later I found myself making novel-length programs, producing a musical production and making a small film. I will say, it was worth it. Some of my favorite touches:

– A receiving line into the wedding – so we could hug and say hi to each guest when they came in
– A program with every guest’s photo and mini-bio…a conversation starter for guests to get to know each other – it made people feel special
– A piano player, sextet and DJ to fill each minute with amazing music from my childhood, my teenage years, my new step-children’s favorite songs and our favorites
– A small tribute “surprise” film for my new step-children thanking them for letting me be a “Ward” (our last name) – I think everyone was crying and it confirmed how special our relationships were to each other
– Our shaman officiant who grounded all of us on the real purpose of a relationship at the beginning of our evening – she was an old friend



What was the most memorable part of the day?

The moment the violin sextet starting playing Katy Perry’s Firework to walk down the aisle to the man of my dreams, with the closest friends from our lives surrounding us. Breathtaking and surreal.








Tell us how you met and became engaged.

We worked on the same business together (eHarmony…ironically). We were both dating other people on/off, I lived in NYC for a year – but we always kept in touch. Over the four years of friendship – I would always “help” him with his girlfriends…even tried to decorate his apartment for a girl coming to visit him! We ended up working for the same company – and after taking tennis lessons together (through our company fitness program) started to realize we really just liked each other…which I didn’t want to admit at first (I mean, I knew too much!!) but it was totally awesome and totally perfect and he is the one.

We were looking for rings and I wasn’t into any of them. After months and months, we woke up one morning and got into a spit spat because he felt like I needed to pick one. So, on the way to work I said we could go grab one after work. Around 5pm, he texts me: “Are you ready” and I said “No, need 30 more minutes” and he wrote back “Okay, problem – we’re just getting engaged, that’s all” and I said: “k”. With that, we met 30 minutes later, bought a ring and he proposed in the store and we walked out engaged and grabbed dinner. Loved.


Planning and Design: Orange Blossom Special Events // Photography: Next Exit Photography // Venue: Carondelet House // Florist: The Little Branch // DJ: Ian with Red Shoe // Cake: Superfine Bakery // Makeup: Makeup Therapy // Limo Service Radii360 // Catering: Tres LA // Music: West Coast Music // Design Sound: Design sound // Venue: Carondelet House