I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

You guys. You should know by know that I’ve got a MAJOR thing for tuxedos. It’s some sort of situation that involves weakness in the knees and I think it’s got something to do with the movie Father of the Bride…and maybe Meet Joe Black. All that to say, Jamie and Rick’s wedding…I’m already loving it for the tuxedos. And then there’s a killer Amsale Couture dress going on. And then it’s this gorgeous outdoor ballroom Florida wedding at Amelia Island, and well…I’m totally sold. Smitten, in fact.

Get a load of all this glory shot by photographer Tina Rowden. Love love love her work. You will too.

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From Tina:

Jamie was such a stunning bride in {AMSALE COUTURE} + her meticulous planning combined with the amazing work of {C.BRETT CARTER} + his design team made the event at Walker’s Landing impeccable. {THE HEATHER HAYES EXPERIENCE} had the guests dancing all night + shouting for more … it was just an incredibly fun evening.

cathedral veil
green and white florida wedding tent
father of the bride dance
wedding band
and they lived happily ever after chalkboard sign