I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

I got an email from Emily Merrill of EmmyJeanne Photography last week and it honestly felt like opening up a Christmas present. Her photos of Natalie Bowen Designs‘ winter bouquet ideas are pure magic. For you gals planning a winter wedding, seasonal options are often a quandary, which is why I so appreciate Emily and Natalie for collaborating on a project that focuses specifically on winter ideas. And whoever said winter has to be white? All of these bright pops of color are beyond decadent.

Here’s what Emily and Natalie said:

We decided to collaborate together and produce a series of photographs that would inspire the winter bride’s bouquet. The color palette and seasonal flowers were carefully considered.  Juicy berry “red charm” peonies are complimented by pale sea green “hen and chicks” succulents, while the paper white narcissus, spider mums, and blue thistle add a snowy winter addition. The blue satin ribbon seemed to be the perfect contrast to the richness of the peonies and the starkness of the white. The vintage blue broach was a sweet, personal touch. Working together on this project was so much fun and inspiring. We hope you enjoy!

Collaborators included stylist Akasha Enkil, model S.I. Fran and of course Natalie Bowen of Natalie Bowen Designs and Emily Merrill of EmmyJeanne Photography. Make up by Danica Green.