I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Today, I’ve been accosted by spring. It is unseasonably warm here in Italy and as such, it seems we’ve wrangled the Orange County weather and brought it with us. A lady on the train told us yesterday that spring has arrived in Rome. Everyone is in the best of moods–seems that’s always the case when the sun makes herself known. Today, I thought a lovely inspiration board would set things off for us. There are some spring flowers via Martha Stewart, some gorgeous spring makeup that I must make a part of my life, and some lovely typography by Eye Fly Design. I’m carrying a little Audrey Hepburn ala Roman Holiday spirit with me today while we hoof it around the city. I didn’t bring a scarf for my neck, nor will I be jetting around on a moped with Gregory Peck, but I do certainly feel the same excitement.

Check back in later today for the announcement of our Shoot This Not That giveaway brought to you by Miller’s Lab. We’ll be posting a video of our random pick (which we’ll be shooting somewhere in the city!).