I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Emily and Brian met in Chemistry class during their freshman year of high school. Emily asked Brian to the movies and ten years later, Brian asked for Emily’s hand in marriage. The adorable couple celebrated their nuptials atThe Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix. Imoni Events and florist The Wildflower AZ  helped establish the gorgeous color palette of wine, blushes, and ivory—perfect for a December wedding!  Stationery is by Celebrations In Paper with a cake by Piece of Cake AZ and it’s all captured in these gorgeous images byMarisa Belle Photography.

How did you meet?

Brian and I met freshman year of high school in Honors Chemistry and Physics class when we were 14.

Tell us about your first date!

I actually asked him!! Remember, we were only 14 so it is kind of funny how it happened. I asked him to go to the movies with me, and he said okay! We planned to go to the Game Plan with Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson at AMC theaters in Ahwatukee. So that day I got all ready with my friend. I was so excited. I decided to call him before the date to make sure everything was good. He was on his way home from soccer practice. I said, “Are you ready for our date?” He replied, “Oh, I still need to ask my dad first.” At first I got so mad because he wasn’t making our first date a priority!! Well, his dad said yes. We met each other at the movie theaters. Our parents drove each of us separately and dropped us off at the theaters. I think that’s funny. We watched the movie, held hands, and then went home. It was a great first date!

Share with us the moment you both knew you’d found THE ONE!

Every day freshman year Brian would walk me home from high school in the Arizona heat. My house was halfway between his house and school, so he could have easily taken the bus, but he continued to walk me home every single day. I thought that was pretty great. One day (October 25th, 2007 to be exact), Brian was waiting to be picked up from my house after school by his mom. We were sitting there in the front yard on my fake grass, and he said, “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” I replied, “Sure!” It was now official. We would text all the time and we really got to know one another. Brian would always stick up for me, and he was always on my side. I could trust him with anything. His loyalty is what really got me. One day over text I said, “I think I’m falling in love with you.” He replied, “I am feeling the same way.” From then on, our relationship grew stronger and stronger, and we would always talk about the day we would get married. This is when the song “Wouldn’t it be Nice” by The Beach Boys came into play. We wanted to get married so badly and we were only 15! We even talked about getting married right when we turned 18 and graduated high school. We decided to put school first and go to the University of Arizona for college. We made it through the 4 years of college, but still we weren’t engaged. It was the purchase of the ring that was holding us back. He always told me he didn’t want to get me a “temporary ring”, because he wanted the first ring to be THE ring. He wanted it to be special. Well I followed him to Florida so he could pursue his dream of becoming a pharmacist. Our second year living in Florida, he took me to our favorite pumpkin patch, got down on one knee, professed his love for me, I cried, and said YES!

What inspired the design for your wedding?

Brian and I dated for 10 years before he proposed, so you would think I would have what I wanted in mind, but I made myself wait until he proposed to start thinking about what we wanted for our wedding. This made the engagement so much more special, and allowed us to choose things that we were feeling in the moment. I really wanted a moody rustic theme, but still with traditional elements. This led to colors of wine, blushes, and ivory with lots of eucalyptus in the floral arrangements. As for the venue, we were looking for a residential feeling, so we chose the Wrigley Mansion. It is a fun and cozy feeling when you’re all getting ready in the same house. In order to elevate that party atmosphere and marry it with rustic traditional theme, we sprung for a neon sign with our last name and EST. date to hang on a hedge wall behind the head table. To me it just said “Let’s have fun!!” while still being a moment to we can hang in our house for years to come.

What was the most important thing you wanted your guest to feel/enjoy from your wedding?

We wanted them to feel the unconditional love Brian and I have for each other and a rustic romantic feeling. During the reception we wanted them to enjoy a great party with good music and drinks.

Photography: Marisa Belle Photography // Planner: Imoni Events // Florist: The Wildflower AZ // Stationery: Celebrations In Paper // Venue: The Wrigley Mansion // Brides Gown: Maggie Sottero // Hair and Makeup: Makeup Artistry by Natalie // Cake: Piece of Cake AZ // Rentals: The Event Co // Groom’s Tux: Express // Videography: White Locket Films