I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

One of the best parts about being engaged has actually NOTHING to do with the wedding, but rather what comes immediately after: your honeymoon. The experience is like no other and should be a time to relax, have adventures, and to embrace the spontaneity of your first vacation as husband and wife. One of our fave destinations is Hawaii, which offers so many options and experiences, depending upon which island you choose. Our favorite island is Kauai, which features unimaginably lush landscapes, the Napali coast, and plenty of spots for relaxation.


We believe that sometimes the best parts of traveling in Hawaii are the unplanned moments in your “planned” vacation. Instead, of heading toward the familiar, discover off the beaten path spots. Eat something you’re uncomfortable with. Go with the flow, meet a local and check out where the locals go. Because the moments you experience when you wander from the suggested route are often the most memorable. We call it, Let Hawaii Happen.


We want to know, where do you dream of heading for your honeymoon? And if you’ve already been on yours, what were some of those surprise moments that stand out to you? For us, those are the best memories!