I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!
Wow ladies, we are so excited to share this new company with you today! Rentivist is an online platform to list and rent event items for celebrations of all kinds.
Rentivist  is the brainchild of three equally awesome ladies! Event designer and wedding venue owner Alyson whose goal is to revolutionize, and simplify, the rental process, while co-founder Gretchen Culver who is an established planner in her own right has been cited as one of the top wedding planners by Martha Stewart Weddings! Rounding out the crew is CFO Mary Ellen who serves as in-house counsel for Rentivist while also representing dozens of wedding and event businesses.
Their mission is simple: reinvent the traditional event rental process with enhanced ease, accessibility and opportunity. And who doesn’t like for things to be simplified, especially when it comes to planning a wedding or throwing a party! Whether you are looking to rent or have an item to be rented, this is a one-stop-shop for you. Rentivist brings these two groups together for a collaborative community of like-minded people.
Rentivist is exclusively virtual – bringing together people from all over the country for a similar purpose. This makes it ideal for couples that are planning a wedding and have a certain piece in mind but don’t want to shell out to buy it OR it may not be available locally.

Rentivist has filters that allow shoppers to narrow down choice by location, style and item type. Also great for those who *have* bought those pieces for an event and want to make some extra money from it after the event ends. Their goal is to make the world a much more styled place, one rentable at a time.
We are so excited that they have been so kind to offer the GLW readers a special discount. They are giving you 30% off a subscription to list that can be used one time for a yearly or monthly subscription. So you can opt for 30% off one month if paying monthly or 30% off the entire year if you choose to pay the fee up front. Just click HERE and use the code glw30off. Happy renting!