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So we chose a photographer….

Zac W. Fav

Zac Wolf, Red Coat

Zac Wold Raw moment


Zac Wolf Photography

zac wolf


Yeah…that’s why.

The night I stumbled across Zac Wolf Photography I actually shed tears when I saw the first picture up above. Don’t laugh. Maybe it had been a rough work week or perhaps I’d gone too long without carbs, brides do tend to do silly things after all. But above all, I think I was just relieved to know that there was a photographer out there who could capture all the elements of light, texture, angle and color I’d been dreaming of. In fact, that entire engagement session can be seen here and, trust me, it’s worth a visit.

We dig Zac’s style for a few good reasons.

1. He knows how to capture a raw moment when he sees one. We wanted someone who wasn’t going to be too busy staging moments to actually capture the real emotion of the big day.

2. We feel Zac and his associates capture and balance light well. All too often I see overexposed photographs where you can hardly see the detail of the bride’s dress. Learning to control exposure is a true art form and takes some mad skill.

3. And speaking of skill, we think Zac does a great job of striking the perfect balance between fancy editing and leaving well enough alone to ensure our photographs are not over edited. We want some clear, vibrant, raw moments and, while filters and sun spots are great on some photos, we also want some raw images of our big day. Editing should be like makeup — enhancing the overall look but you shouldn’t be able to see it on.

4. Lastly, we felt Zac and his team were great at capturing warm tones without being too dark or contrasty. His photographs make you want to crawl inside that captured moment and stay awhile.

Paul and I are truly looking forward to working with Zac Wolf Photography and can’t thank you guys enough for all your help in our photographer search.

Thirteen months to go.

– Lady Katie