Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

A topic my fiancé and I keep debating is whether or not to have a formal receiving line or greet guests at the wedding. I’ve been informally polling family members in attendance at my brother’s wedding, our Priest, as well as discussed in depth with Cody. We, along with our bridal party and photographer, will be taking a trolley around to snap informal photos in-between the ceremony & reception. That leaves a gap in between events which will be offset by offering a cocktail hour for the guests.

A few unique & out-of-the-box ideas for a modern receiving line could include:

Create a custom kissing booth! Your guests can step up and say hello to the newlyweds and transition into the night as the backdrop for guests to use as a photo booth.

Along the lines of a Kissing Booth, at the reception, use two Polaroid cameras to take two pictures of the couple with a guest doing a funny pose, then the guest writes on the back of one and puts it in a mailbox for the couple and keeps the other.

Serve your guests dessert, be it cake or ice-cream or some delicious concoction! A great way to mingle with your guests, and help prevent awkward run-ins with guests you may not know as well {do you handshake or do you hug?}.

Having empty chairs across from the bride and groom. Signs let guests know that they are invited to come and chat. This is a simple way to take the pressure off of the bride and groom to do a receiving line or make it around to every table to greet everyone.

Signature cocktails and neat idea: the couple serving wine and beer to their guests instead of having a receiving line.

Time to spill…will you have a traditional receiving line or greet your guests in a unique way? Are you even having a receiving line? Inquiring minds would like to know…

Image Sources: Kissing Booth via Emmaline Bride shot by  Josh Goleman | Photobooth Sign via Pinterest, source unknown | Ice Cream Servers shot by JF Hannigan | Sit & Chat via Pinterest, source unknown | Newlywed Bartenters (Left) Green Wedding Shoes shot by Clayton Austin (Right) Photo Courtesy of Apple Brides