Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

A few years ago, long before we were talking about marriage and the rest of our lives, Z and I were on a quick vacation in Catalina and met an awesome couple who were on a minimoon. I’d never heard of this, but the idea stuck and I tucked it away realizing that when you’re getting married, you can pretty much get away with anything. I decided that when the time came to get married, I’d take as many “moon” vacations as possible.

Fast forward a few years: we’re about 100 days out from our wedding (but who’s counting?) and we’re starting to be in the go go go window. We thought it would be nice to take a break from all the wedding planning and spend a weekend in Stanley, Idaho where we fell in love. A pre-wedding moon if you will.


I had no idea going into the trip what a romantic, perfect weekend it would be. There were no flowers or jewelry or any of the things lots of people associate with romance. It was simply amazing to get away from the planning and just enjoy being with each other, revisiting every reason we fell in love in the first place.

Stanley is an easy place to fall in love. Rugged mountains, majestic lakes and an expansive, star-filled night sky left our hearts soaring and our souls rejuvenated. A few delicious meals at rustic restaurants with bluegrass bands serenading us gave us some much-needed alone time, away from computers, phones and to-do lists. Mountain biking, fly fishing, kayaking, hot springing and dancing late into the night were the perfect reminder of the adventures we’ve had and the great times ahead.

A pre-wedding moon doesn’t need to be long or expensive or far from home. It just needs to be a getaway that allows to get excited about spending the rest of your life together by taking the time to step back and focus on your relationship with each other.

What have you done to keep the wedding planning process from taking over your lives and your relationship? Did you feel recharged afterwards or did it change anything?