Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

Love. The Greeks had a handful of very descriptive words for it, and we’re stuck with just one. You see it on Hallmark cards, in advertisements, and even branded across coffee mugs and t-shirts. One has to wonder how much meaning is left in the overused, thrown-around term.


That’s why weddings are so wonderful. Through all the pageantry you get to tell the world I love this person in the deepest, truest sense of the word. Families and friends come together to celebrate everything that love can and should be. It’s timeless and beautiful.

And, oh, am I ever excited for Tyler (my fiancé, bien sûr) and I to be planning our very own version of that gathering! Ever since I said yes we’ve been realizing more and more not just what this next step means for us, but for all the people in our lives as well. It’s been so exciting to try on dresses with our moms, paint Easter Eggs with his cousins, and introduce him to my grandparents. Planning a wedding is fun because of the flowers and the fabrics, but as I am finally discovering also- and more importantly- because of the people.


Speaking of people, let me tell you a little about us. He’s from California, I’m from Colorado. We met at college in his home state and have put down roots here in Santa Barbara (thanks goodness, I loathe the snow!). We like travel, film, the sea, comic books, cocktails, and food. And I love him. We’re living an epic life together and planning for more.

Our wedding will be a mix of our love of new adventures with our respect for tradition. Our ceremony will be barefoot by the sea, and our reception will be at a restaurant built in 1922. Our playlist will feature Sinatra, Timberlake, and a little of everything in between. We’re mixing class ivory with pops of vibrant royal hues.

I’m thrilled to have you all along for the ride! We’re getting married on a budget in our hometown, which is the sixth most expensive place to get married in the country according to ABC News. It’s going to be a crazy journey, but that just makes room for more creativity and adventure. Ultimately, we’re headed towards a celebration of our love for each other and all the people that mean most to us.

Take that, Hallmark.

A special thanks to Lady Grey and Grey Likes Weddings for letting me document this adventure on her incredible site. I’m beyond honored and excited!

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Floral Love Typography by Pastel Fables // Photograph of Us by Megan Moore // Inspiration Board, Clockwise from Top Left: Rose Study shot by Alice Gao via Lingered Upon / Gold Place Setting shot by Ed Osborn Photography via Style Me Pretty / Chandelier Table shot by Alisha + Brook Photographers via Style Me Pretty / Bouquet designed by Flowers on Orchard Lane shot by E. M. Anderson Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs / Anchor photographed by Carlos Naude / Mason Jar Table photographed by Kevin Chin Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs / Cake photographed by Rae Portraits via Elizabeth Anne Designs /Glitter via This Is Glamorous / Sparkler Kiss shot by Life Writing Photography / Fitzgerald Quote design by Kelly Cummings via Society 6