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We’ve known from the beginning that we’re going to serve alcohol in some capacity or another at our reception, rehearsal dinner, and perhaps even at a pre-ceremony cocktail hour as well. What, how much, when is still to be determined, but I love the idea of a signature cocktail or two. It’s classy, tastes good, looks pretty, and I think it’s a great way to avoid offering a full bar and still serve hard liquor. What we want our signature drink to be is a big decision. For us, food and beverages will be two of our bigger expenses (we’re keeping most of our costs relatively low), so we want to keep our signature drinks simple and affordable in addition to tasting fabulous. Note: If you have a favorite, please weigh in…

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My first choice is probably the John Daly. This is a go-to for me in the summer because it’s delicious, sweet and reminds me of warm summer nights. My favorite recipe is simple: 1 part lemonade, 1/ part sweet tea and Vodka. I like when sliced lemons are added for looks, but I don’t think that really changes the taste.

Margaritas are also always a good option. Refreshing and delicious, they would be a good option (and we are getting married in Texas). My favorite margarita recipe is actually a “secret” river recipe: 1 handle tequila, 2 frozen limeades, 4 cups water, 12 light beers, ice and limes to taste. People think the beer will ruin the taste, but it cuts a bit of the sweetness and adds a little carbonation. I think these would be delicious with jalapeno infused tequila.

Fancy Margaritas would be another spin. One of the most amazing spin on a margarita is served at The Spur restaurant. They have a famous spicy mango margarita and it’s absolutely divine. If I could figure out a way to replicate their undisclosed recipe, it might make the cut.

I have recently discovered the fabulous and simple Moscow Mule beverage. It’s an extremely trendy drink in mountain towns at the moment and they serve it out of pretty copper mugs (probably why I love it so much). The recipe is simple: Vodka, ginger beer and limes. I prefer to use high quality ginger beer like Reed’s that doesn’t have artificial sweeteners, but any kind will do the trick. The downside to this drink is the ginger beer is rather expensive.

And then there’s the easy option of a delicious pink punch. Some type of strawberry lemonade or cran-rasberry juice mixed with vodka, club soda and chopped up fruit is always a crowd pleaser.

Do you have a favorite drink? Are you serving a full bar, wine and beer, a signature cocktail or something completely different? And has anyone found that the signature cocktail saves time or money in the end, or is it just another fun way to make your wedding more personal?

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