Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

Mike and I live abroad, and we’ve been extremely lucky to have travelled throughout much of Europe. So, given our well worn passports, it might be surprising that planning a honeymoon was extremely difficult for us.

The options were just so vast, the possibilities so endless. Should we sit our butts on a beach at a resort? Explore an exotic locale?  Café hop in a city? Who should plan the honeymoon? When should we go? For how long?

Our solution: three surprise destination honeymoons. I’ll plan two short breaks for immediately after our wedding, he’ll plan one longer resort-style break for later in the winter. It’s fair – we both get surprises – and we get to sample a little bit of every honeymoon style imaginable. Win-win-win!


Of course, when I was booking our plane tickets I accidentally let it slip to Mike that our lane would be landing at ‘such and such o’clock Iceland time’ (insert face palm here). But hey! We’re going to Iceland! So exciting! It wasn’t such a terrible surprise to ruin.

(I dare you to watch this Iceland tourism video and not book your honeymoon here!)


european honeymoon

As for our second honeymoon destination? My lips are sealed (but I can’t wait to tell you all about it later this Fall!)

Here’s a hint…it’s a city in Europe where I’m hoping to rent a boat for us for a day. Do you have any guesses?

I’m already concocting a plan to announce our second surprise honeymoon destination at our wedding party, but Mike reads this, so you’ll have to wait and see how it all goes down.

surprise honeymoon

Then, later in the winter, Mike is organizing a warm-weather destination honeymoon for us to a more exotic, far-flung locale (not somewhere we would normally go for a long weekend). I can’t wait to see where he choses! I’m crossing my fingers for Egypt or Morocco.

Would you surprise your beau with a secret honeymoon destination? Where would you go?

 Iceland photos: Top shot by Andrew Gallo // Bottom shots (3) by Peter Baker, adapted by Jess