Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

Knowing you’re going to be a wife in short order is a wondrous feeling.

Leading up to the big day, I imagined that nerves would be running through me, but the closer you get to sharing your commitment, the more confident you feel. That is a truth most brides might not believe – but it’s not only possible, it’s probable.


The final steps I’ve been following from my family, friends and wedding planners have helped me catch my breath over the past month:

– Allow for last minute expenses and changes: Odds and ends will surface that weren’t in the “master plan”; it’s an inevitable truth. Know in advance that you’ll have to part with some extra funds (and add-in a little extra stress) in your final weeks.

– Go with your gut: Looking back on the stylistic, logistical and emotional decisions I made, one trend was clear – gut ruled almost all of them. A few times Tim and I went with our third, fourth or fifth thought, but overwhelmingly, the first choice you’re drawn toward is that one that you will choose.

– Let it go: Your wedding may be your vision, but you can only enjoy the process and the time right before if you let go of things not in your control (like the weather, how your family or guests feel, and – in general – every, single “what if”).

– Always pack water and salt: Through your final fittings, vendor visits, and being constantly on to go, you might get a little faint at times (or at least I did). I always pack a small water bottle and pretzels with me just in case, and it encourages me to drink more H2O throughout the day. I’ve also stopped locking my knees…

– Consider emergency essentials: Heel protectors for grass and friction paste by Band-Aid will be saving the day in small but quite worthy ways. Video your bustle being done and opt for airbrush makeup, too!

I’m looking forward to being a wife and joining several of my fellow Blogstress Mavens very shortly.


Engagement image via Maria Vicencio Photography // Bride and groom image via Top of Blogs