Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!


One of the first things I did when we got engaged was work on our custom monogram. A custom monogram can also help set the tone of the theme and decor of your wedding. We were going for a romantic yet not too feminine theme, so we were so happy with what our designer came up with! We also had the dilemma of our nickname initials “B” and “L” vs. our given name initials “E” and “W.” In the end, we decided to have a less formal monogram and use our nickname initials. I love monograms because not only can you use them for menu cards, programs and other wedding details, but also can later be used for stationery, cups, pillows, napkins, towels, etc.

From left to right: Sierra Kelly/M. Sage Design/Lindsey Chin-Jones