Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

A few months ago I horrified my mother by suggested I carry my iPhone down the aisle with a photo of flowers on its screen (inspired by photographer Becca Robinson’s wedding). Not only was this an economical option, I thought, but also more eco-friendly than single-use flowers (and a great excuse to get a fabulous new iPhone case!) In light of her unenthusiastic reaction, I’ve been investigated other ways of keeping my nervous hands busy as I walk down the aisle.

Did you know flowers, herbs, and spices have been used in weddings for centuries? In fact, they are one of the oldest wedding traditions we have. Historically they were used to ward off evil spirits, and symbolized love and happiness. Today, many brides carry on the tradition of wedding flowers as a decoration that (bonus!) smells great too.

But isn’t it time we updated this tradition for the modern bride?


Brooch bouquets are on-trend lately, and fabric bouquets are becoming increasingly popular. I love edible bouquets too, with sprigs of herbs and citrus fruits (did you see the beautiful citrus bouquet by Sarah Winward on Grey Likes Weddings earlier this month?) I’ve also seen some stylish brides rock a fabulous clutch walking down the aisle. And isn’t that oversized paper flower by Brittany Wattson Jepsen lovely?


Would you dare walk down the aisle holding a small, framed piece of art? What about walking your dog down the aisle? Or holding a book, a bunch of oversized-balloons, a stick of cotton candy, or simply the skirt of your dress?


Then again, there is something wonderfully romantic (and empowering) about giving the gift of flowers to yourself on your wedding day.

What do you think? Will you carry flowers down the aisle, or opt for a non-traditional bouquet? I’d love to know.

(And if you see a great photo of a bouquet for my iPhone, let me know.)

Bouquet alternatives for the modern bride // Farmers Market Bouquet by Amanda of anthomaniac shot by Melissa Arlene Photography via Green Wedding Shoes // Origami heart bouquet by Nikki and Jake of Nikki Cross Applesauce via Etsy // Map bouquet by Robyn Woodrow shot by Elinor Carucci via Real Simple // Cotton bouquet by TALLCOTTONNPEAS shot by Elinor Carucci via Real Simple // Ribbon bouquet via Martha Stewart Weddings // Brooch bouquet shot by Ulmer Studios Photography via The Wedding Chicks // Tissue paper bouquet by Martha Stewart Weddings // Paper bouquet shot by Ventola Photography via The Wedding Chicks

Large paper flower by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built via Etsy // Vegetable bouquet by Something Special in Flowers shot by Christa Elyce Photography via Ruffled Blog

iPhone floral image shot by Stephanie Williams via The Brides Cafe // Love Love Me Do print by Lucie Sheridan