Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

What happens when a Princess meets her Prince Charming, and her prince turns out to be an indie-loving writer with a penchant for superheroes? Does she stack his comic books in baroque bookcases? Does she paint his record player pink? Or do they start a new mixed-media life together? It has definitely been my experience that the latter is true- until we began wedding planning.

I used to intern at the oh-so-incredible Toast Events & Design Studio and worked my fair share of blush, romantic, feminine weddings. One of my favorites of the season was a dreamy wedding at Villa Sevillano draped in flowy fabric, bathed in soft candlelight from mercury votives, and dotted with the fairest blush florals.


This particular wedding did a fabulous job of incorporating “his” and “hers,” making paper lanterns from the pages of her grandmother’s journal and spotlighting a groom’s cake designed like the BMW M7 logo, his favorite car. But I worked other weddings as well that seemed to be much more hers than his. And I made a vow to make sure our wedding would be just that- ours.

And then I began my relationship with Pinterest. And I saw so many lovely shades of pink. And sequins. And glitter. Gold confetti table runner? Yes please!


Until I asked my fiancĂ© how he felt about tables scattered with glitz, and he responded with less enthusiasm then I might have hoped. See, glitter may be very me but it’s not very him. So I put the pink and gold extravaganza on the back burner (for a birthday party, perhaps?) and focused on our mutual loves. Where does his fondness for fall colors meet my craving for cool pastels? Can Jack Kerouac and Marilyn Monroe live in harmony?


The answer (at least we have found) is yes! Sure, I may have to ease back my princess desires, but I’ll still have peachy pink garden roses in all the floral arrangements. Plus, letting him help me make all the decision has relieved a lot of pressure. And I honestly believe that what we’re creating together will be much more magical than anything either of us could have done single-handedly. And I know it will be way more fun. Our color palette has even grown from two to six or seven colors!

For all the bride-to-bes out there, what has it been like planning with your man? What have you been surprised he cares about? On which elements have you insisted? Where have your compromised?


Blush Table Designed by Toast Events & Design Studio and Photographed by Onelove Photography // Confetti Runner Photographed by Chad Wadsworth for Camille Styles // Jack Kerouac Photography by Jerry Yulsman via The Guardian //Marilyn Monroe Photography via // Some Summers Oil Painting by Todd Hunter via Scott Livesay Galleries