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I truly thought I was going to be a DIY bride, especially with paper goods like invitations. I imagined myself on snowy winter afternoons bundled up in a cozy sweater with a table full of ribbons and lace and craft supplies. A couple months into the winter I had yet to break out the scissors and glue; it was apparent that we in fact spend snowy winter afternoons skiing, not crafting. I did try, but after several evenings looking through generic themes that didn’t really capture the essence of our wedding, and a few hours trying to hand craft mock invitations, I finally started looking for help.

From the beginning, we have set out to have as many friends and family involved in our wedding as possible. While there can certainly be a cost advantage, they also know us better and working with them is more intimate and fun. Friends and family are baking desserts for our wedding, building our altar and helping plan the menu. A dear friend is our day-of coordinator, Z’s band is playing at our reception and another friend is our late night DJ. It made sense to me to work with a friend on the invitations as well.

I knew Alissa Bell from college. I’d seen her work in various places and loved it, so I sent her a note asking about design, paper and printing options. Alissa had a major life and career change a couple years ago, quit her corporate job, bought a letterpress machine and started making beautiful hand-crafted paper goods ( Not only do I love her work, I also love her story. We went over the general look and feel we were going for and she asked questions about our wedding and relationship. With a few tidbits of information and a couple phone calls about wording, she crafted the most perfect invitation for us.

It’s difficult to keep it simple while simultaneously giving all the necessary information, and she did that seamlessly. Looking for something with a rustic, summer camp feel, but also classy, we went with a brown chip board for our save the dates and response cards, and a cream colored cotton paper for the invitations. I never dreamed we’d have an invitation suite, but we are thrilled to have something we are proud to send out to our guests, grateful for the beautiful work she did, and relieved we didn’t have to do it ourselves.

After my attempt to hand make our invitations, we have decided to go with a chalk board in lieu of programs and skip table arrangements and menus. While I love paper goods, I enjoy being outside more than making paper goods. Have any of you switched from your original plans due to time or money or because you aren’t getting the look you want when you try to do it yourself?

Images courtesy of Buena Lane Photography: and Alissa Bell Press: