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Of all of the gifts exchanged during a wedding, I think those small tokens of love passed between partners are the most important. A gift to thank them for committing themselves to you for life. And/or for the countless hours of gluing glitter to decorations, blowing up balloons, and choosing stationery.

groom's gifts for the geeky guy

I love giving gifts more than receiving them, and took just as much joy (maybe more?) in finding the perfect groom’s gift for my geeky guy as I did in finding my wedding dress.

Without giving away exactly what I’ll be bestowing on my beau on our wedding day (he does read this, after all!) here are some of my favorite groom’s gifts for the geeky guy that I came across during my research.

I wanted to give Mike one traditional gift and one fun, quirky gift on our wedding day. Can you guess what I picked?

groom's gift watches

Watches are a classic gift for grooms (think Carrie and that vintage Rolex for Big).

groom's cufflinks

While he may not wear them any other day of his life besides this one, cufflinks don’t have to be boring. These cufflinks  instantly inject a little fun into your wedding. Plus, what guy wouldn’t want bottle opener cuff links?

groom's gifts

Since your groom’s suit probably has pockets, a flask or business card holder would also be a great groom’s gift.

grooms bow ties

Before you yawn, ties and bow ties have come a long way, baby. These pixelated pieces are fun, but I also love quirky ties with animals, like this bull dog bow.

fun groom's gifts

And just for fun, if your guy is a kid at heart and loves his tech toys, this magic cube keyboard is painfully cool. And gentleman’s playing cards would totally come in handy to pass the time while you get ready on the big day (bonus – he could learn to tie his tie at the last minute too!) He’ll also need Altoids for your first kiss as a married couple, and you could tuck a love note in the tin just for fun.

Did you give, or will you give, your groom a gift on the big day? Tell me about it!

Groomsmen shot by Austin Warnock Photography via Style Me Pretty

For his wrists: Zirc mirror watch via Nooka // Burberry large chronograph watch via Nordstrom // Casio watch via ASOS // For his cuffs: Pearl talon cufflinks via BHLDN // Stainless steel bottle opener cufflinks via // Star Wars Death Star cufflinks via // Propeller cufflinks via Neiman Marcus // Star Wars R2D2 USB cufflinks via // For his pockets: Stanley flask via Cool Material // Business card holder via Hardgraft // For his neck: Raw silk plaid tie via J. Press // Bulldog bow tie via J. Press // Pixel bow tie via AC Gears // Just for fun: Magic cube keyboard via Neiman Marcus // Gentleman’s playing cards via Cool Material // Altoids via Altoids