Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

When I first began dreaming up what my wedding would be like (in other words, pinning pretty things to Pinterest) I was very focused on crafting a timeless event. If you’re of my generation, you’ve probably looked at your parents wedding photos and shuddered at the poufy sleeves, perms, and bad bridesmaids dresses (sorry, Mom!)

And, like me, you’ve probably said to yourself: Never!

Timeless Wedding Inspiration Board

In the first stages of wedding planning I began concentrating on what was really timeless about weddings: white dresses, white flowers, carefully designed stationery and place cards, delicate china sets, gold leaf. And when I would express my concern to Mike about having a timeless wedding (and a timeless wedding dress) that I wouldn’t look back at with horror in ten or twenty or fifty years, he simply laughed. Who cares? he said.

Mike has never cared about what anyone thinks, in a way that makes him incredibly unique and daring. It’s something that’s always attracted me to him (cheesy, but true.)

It’s about time I realized he was on to something.

Our wedding cannot be timeless. It will be nothing but an expression of our tastes and likes and desires right now, today, in 2013. And if you’re anything like me and your tastes change almost weekly, accepting the inevitable timeliness of your wedding totally lifts a weight off your shoulders. Instead, you’ll find the freedom to change your mind constantly, and craft a wedding that looks like whatever you want it to.

2013 wedding inspiration board

Yes, our wedding might be an eclectic hot mess of the stuff we like right now: glitter, Star Wars, art, wiener dogs, blue cheese, New Zealand sauvignon blancs, and heart shaped brownies. When we look back in fifty years at the event that kicked off our marriage it will scream 2013. Just like the photos of us when we started dating scream 2005. And I’m okay with that.

If you’re currently planning your wedding, have you thought about embracing the timely? And (just for fun) if you’re married, what do you think when you look back at your wedding photos?

I’d love to hear your (funny, romantic, introspective) thoughts!

And, for the record, my mum’s wedding photos are very 80’s. They were perfectly timely, which is what makes them so perfect.

Timeless wedding inspiration board // Peony bouquet shot by Krista Jones via Bayside Bride // Dress by Kirstie Kelly Couture shot by Elizabeth Messina via Kiss the Groom // Cake by Wild Flour shot by Shannon Noel Hamilton of Riverland Studios via Southern Weddings // Rectangular gem via // Round solitaire via Kwiat // Peony shot by via // Brooch via // Flowers shot by Elizabeth Messina via Grey Likes Weddings // Coupes via BHLDN.

Timely wedding inspiration board // Dress by Alexander McQueen SS2012 via Vogue Italy // Oval solitaure via Kwiat // Pom poms via // Mini piñatas shot by Jordan Ferney via Oh Happy Day! // Pink heart balloon via Alex and Alexa // Shoes via Zara //  Golden pineapple shot by Jacin Fitzgerald via Lovely Little Details // Paper gems shot by Kate Lilley via Minieco // Gems via